Got Eggs?

Wondering what to do with all those eggs leftover from Easter. If they are uncooked extra eggs. 5 can be easily used in making a batch of my Bites (aka Crustless Mini Quiches)

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Bites freeze great. Defrost in the fridge and heat in oven or toaster oven (preferred), or microwave. They are fine up to three days in the fridge though... if they last that long. They are great for parties because tons can be made ahead and reheated when ready for serving, breakfasts on-the-go, or lunch or dinner with a scoop of salad or veggie.

or make a batch of Shelly's Chicken Egg Foo Young Muffins for dinner or one of these weight loss surgery friendly ideas.

or if you have already hard cooked your eggs turn them into this yummy crab egg salad...

Shelly's Crab Egg Salad

4 Hardcooked Eggs
4 oz. Crab Meat (Imitation Flake or Real)
1 Green Onion, diced
2 oz. Greek Yogurt (I used Fage Plain 2%)
1 Tablespoon Mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper

Hard boil eggs, peel and slice in half. Remove yolk and set whites aside. Mix yolks, crab, yogurt, mayo, onion, salt and pepper together in a mini food processor till smooth.

Place mixture in a quart size Ziploc bag, snip off end and fill whites or pipe onto cucumber slices, into tomatoes, or celery stalks. Sprinkle with slices of green onion.

More Eggciting Eggface ways to use up your hardcooked eggs...

Shelly's Deviled Eggface Footballs
Shelly's Deviled Egg Spiders
Shelly's Confetti Egg Salad
Shelly's Bacon & Egg Salad
Shelly's Pesto Deviled Eggs

Eggs are one of my post weight loss surgery top 10 favorite protein sources and hard cooked eggs are a great because they are portable protein. I often toss them in my bento lunches, save salt & pepper packets from take-out.

Pink Box (top left): Cooked Shrimp & a Lemon Wedge
Green Box (top right): Salt & Pepper and Cocktail Sauce in the Little Blue Box
Blue Box (bottom left): Hard Boiled Egg and Cheesestick
Orange Box (bottom right): Pickles
Along Side: Peach Green Tea Drink Stick

Today's super cool bento box lunch...

Pink Box (top left): Shelly's Crab Egg Salad (Deviled Egg version)
Green Box (top right): Cucumber Slices
Blue Box (bottom left): Just the Cheese Crunchy Cheese - White Cheddar flavor
Orange Box (bottom right): Trader Joe's Mini Brie to spread on cucumber slices

Yum! Is it lunch time yet?!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. If the chocolate bunnies, peeps, and jellybeans got the best of you. Remember: you can't rewind time, GET OVER IT, GIVE IT AWAY & PLAN your next healthy meal. Too many years I let one bad choice spiral into a day of bad choices, week, month, 50 pounds of them. Lesson hopefully learned: control your mind... or it will control you. Hope everyone has a GREAT week!