Protein Packed Snack: Deviled Eggs

Here's what you can do with all those extra hardboiled eggs you will have next week. Make Deviled Eggs! 12 eggs ($1.50 or so, even cheaper around Easter) so it's a fairly inexpensive protein source. A single large egg packs 6 grams of protein and only 78 calories.

Here are a few of my favorite deviled egg recipes from the blog...

Low Carb Protein Bariatric Surgery Fitness Weight Loss Cooking Menus

Shelly's Hummus Za'atar Deviled Eggs, Shelly's Wasabi Deviled Eggs, Shelly's Football Eggs plain or crab, Shelly's Sausage & Peppers Deviled Eggs, Shelly's Pizza Deviled Eggs, Shelly's Smoked Almond, Bacon & Cheddar Deviled EggsShelly's Deviled Chickpea Eggs, Shelly's Smoked Salmon Everything Bagel Deviled EggsShelly's Bacon Cheeseburger Deviled Eggs.

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Add a few nuts, some veggies with Greek yogurt dip, a cold cut roll up, some shrimp, a sweet treat and you have the perfect post weight loss surgery lunch. There are so many variations, lunch will never be boring...

Low Carb Protein Bariatric Surgery Fitness Weight Loss Cooking Menus

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Friday Five

A round-up of tidbits, tips, products, ideas, news articles, random cool things from the weight, health, nutrition, food, fitness, weight loss surgery world...

1. I am loving the new Sugar Free Pineapple Torani Syrup flavor. This flavor will be in my pantry on a permanent basis. It is soooo good. It may have been cloudy today in Southern California but my Protein Shake had me feeling like I was on a tropical island... just missing the cabana boy ;)

Shelly's Tropical Sunrise Protein Shake

8 oz. Milk (any)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Celebrate Vitamins Vanilla Cake Batter ENS)
1 Tablespoon Sugar-Free Torani Pineapple Syrup
1 teaspoon Sugar-Free Torani Coconut Syrup
a hunk of frozen Banana
a few ice cubes

Blend on high.

More Eggface Protein Shake Recipes

I'll be doing some more experimenting with this flavor this weekend. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.

2. Speaking of Celebrate Vitamins (a blog sponsor) If you are looking for a new Calcium be sure to check out the yummy flavors of soft chews (think Starburst) Celebrate makes now: Watermelon, Cherry, Strawberry-Banana, Café Mocha, Chocolate, Caramel, Orange, and Blackberry.

I've tried them all now (except Blackberry so someone let me know how that one is.) They have all been delicious so far and have 500 mg calcium citrate and 500 IU of vitamin D3 in each chew. FYI They offer a sample pack which includes a bunch of their products including their calcium soft chews so you can find your favorites because not taking vitamins post-Bariatric Surgery is not an option.

You can also try products from great companies like Celebrate Vitamins by attending events like the Your Weight Matters National Convention. Be sure to leave room in your luggage for all the freebies from the exhibit hall you'll bring home.

3. The Registration and Discounted room block for #YWM2018 The Your Weight Matters National Convention is NOW OPEN. This year it's being held in Denver, Colorado July 19th-22nd. I got a chance to tour the hotel and the city in January and it's awesome, we are going to have a great time.

The educational agenda is always top-notch and you will meet a ton of supportive pals, including me! Oh, and a bonus everyone who registers through midnight EST this Monday, March 12, will automatically be entered to win a FREE, 3-night stay at the Convention’s host hotel. Be sure to follow the Convention Facebook Page during the week of March 12 to see if you are the lucky winner! I hope to see you all there in July!

4. Ever wanted to pay it forward and do something to help others affected by obesity? I've got an easy suggestion for you. Take #OACAction

Head over to Twitter or Instagram or Facebook and type: #OACAction in the search box the Obesity Action Coalition will be adding easy ways you can help in your own communities, some even without leaving your house. Here are a few examples...

Spreading the Word
Sharing Your Story
Fighting Bias
Advocating for Access to Care

Keep checking the hashtag #OACAction and please jump in and take an #OACAction whenever you can. Remember when you share it, tag it #OACAction and we'll all be able to be inspired by each other! Got a suggestion for an #OACAction feel free to email me and I'll pass it along.

5. Are you following my Instagram Page? Be sure to follow it because you never know when a giveaway will pop-up. I'm excited about some coming up soon!