Stuffed Squash Spaceships

I love squash! Zucchini, Spaghetti, Butternut, Crookneck, all squash. In fact, zucchini with a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top was one of the first veggies I ate post weight loss surgery. It was soothing and went down really well, still my go-to food when I'm not feeling well. Squash is probably the most versatile vegetable there are endless ways to prepare it from grilling, sauteing, roasting it. It's my pasta replacement, a mainstay in casseroles, a side dish, even a salad ingredient. You can always find a few in my Farmer's Market haul. This Saturday, I spotted these beauties called Sunbursts related to the Pattypan. The look sort of like spaceships (remember when I was abducted by aliens.) True story. OK... back to the recipe...

You can chop them up and use them in any recipe that calls for the more easily found crookneck summer squash but these four were so close in size (tea cup-ish) I just had to stuff them.

Shelly's Stuffed Starburst Squash

4 Starburst (Pattypan) Squash
1/2 Yellow Onion, chopped
2-3 Green Onions, diced
1/2 cup Cooked Sausage, crumbled
1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese
1/2 teaspoon Oregano
Salt and a few twists Black Pepper to taste
2 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese

Remove the stem of the squash and using a teaspoon scoop out some of the inside flesh (don't discard it), scoop enough out to create a small cavity. Place the hollowed squash on a microwave safe dish and nuke for 2-3 minutes till just starting to get fork tender. Set aside.

Saute the onions and chopped squash middles till golden. Add cooked sausage (or cooked ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken or skip the meat for a vegetarian option, I might add more onion) and seasonings.

Remove from heat. Add ricotta and mix till well combined. Fill the hollowed squash with the filling and place in a Pyrex baking dish that has been sprayed with non-stick spray or a drizzle of olive oil.

Sprinkle tops of filled squash with Parmesan.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. You can serve as is or as a variation warm some marinara sauce and spoon over the top.

If you can't find these Starbursts. You can use the same filling to stuff spaghetti squash I've done that before.

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I had a great birthday weekend filled with yummy foods like this (and a few other delicious things I'll blog about this week) and despite really muggy weather and a bit of a headache (probably weather related) it was wonderful. Thank you for all the sweet messages on Facebook and email. My brother came out for a visit. Here's a photo we took with my Mum...

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Birthday Treats Post Weight Loss Surgery

My first birthday post weight loss surgery in 2006, I was 8 days post-op so right in those first few weeks of WTH?! What the heck did I do to my body, anesthesia and pain medication induced blues. They are normal feelings and will subside, for me the more I was able to walk and breathe fresh air the better and better I felt but I must admit I cried like a baby when I was eating a couple of tablespoons of refried beans for my birthday dinner, then smelling the 4th of July neighborhood BBQ's the following weekend. I couldn't see the light at the end of the healing tunnel 8 days post-op but it was right around the corner. If some of this rings true for you... know this.... celebrations will be in your future again but hopefully in a healthier way.

Here are 10 Tips for Celebrating Holidays and Special Days Post Weight Loss Surgery that have helped me. Hope they help you too.

This weekend is my birthday (my brother is coming to visit, it's actually his birthday weekend too, we are 1 day and 12 years apart) and I was beginning to do some menu planning. I thought of all the different birthday treats I have made since having weight loss surgery. I wanted to draw attention to a few of my favorites in case someone (or someone you love) is celebrating soon too. There are even a couple early post-ops should be able to partake in. Remember: when in doubt, print it out and ask your medical posse for their thumbs up.

Shelly's Protein Ice Cream Cake

Sugar Free Ice Cream Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Fitness Health Diabetic

Shelly's 5 Minute Protein Cake

Strawberry Protein Powder Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Healthy Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Diabetic Dessert Recipes Birthday

Shelly's It's My Party Birthday Cake Shake

1 single serve packet (or 2 scoops) Celebrate Vitamins Vanilla Cake Batter ENS
8 oz. Soy Milk (any milk will do)
a few cubes of Ice (or my High Protein Frozen Yogurt Cubes)

Blend on high. Top with Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream and a few multicolored nonpareils.

Health Weight Loss Surgery Fitness Workout Recipes Menus

Shelly's Strawberry Cannoli

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Desserts Fitness Health Nutrition

Shelly's Birthday Cake Protein Pudding Cups

2 cups Premier Protein Shake (Ready to Drink RTD, any flavor)
1 (1 oz.) small package Sugar Free Instant Pudding Mix (dry, any flavor)
Optional: 1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Syrup (any flavor)

Pour the shake (about 1 1/2 containers), pudding mix and optional syrup flavoring into a shaker bottle (or mason jar works too.) If you choose to add a flavoring put one less Tablespoon of the shake. I often change it up by adding SF Caramel or SF Hazelnut Syrup, etc. Shake for 3 minutes or until thickened slightly. Pour into individual dishes. Place in the fridge to set (about 5 minutes or so.) You can top with all sorts of things to make them festive: a squirt of Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream, Nuts, Berries, Crumbled Protein Bar, and of course Birthday Sprinkles (nonpareils)

I make a few versions here's a Grasshopper one (my fav I think)

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More Healthy Party Recipes
Gift Ideas Post Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Party Food Healthy Sugar Free Protein Low Carb Fitness Blog

I can't really complain about getting older... I actually feel healthier now than I did 20 years ago!

P.S. They're not gray hairs. They're wisdom highlights ;)

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9 Years

9 years ago I made the choice to change my life. Having weight loss surgery was the best gift I ever gave myself. A few photos...

Thank you for being a part of my story.

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New Product Alert: Trader Joe's Organic Riced Cauliflower

I absolutely love using cauliflower as a replacement for rice. I've made a great Sicilian Rice-less Rice Stuffing (Cabbaliata) that is part of my Thanksgiving feast, a Deconstructed Riceless Sicilian "Rice Balls" (Arancini) and a Chinese Fried Rice-less Rice and I've loved them all but... dragging out the food processor to whiz up the cauliflower is an extra step and then cleaning it... ugh. I really don't mind in the cooler months, nice to hang out in the warm kitchen but when the summer temperatures heat up I want cooking and cleanup to be simple. I had heard through the grapevine that Trader Joe's (and a few other companies) were going to start making frozen Riced Cauliflower *cue the Hallelujah chorus* this is one of those, "Hello?! how did this not happen till now!?" products.

I had my fingers crossed it was going to be tasty, convenient is great but you have to be tasty or why bother. Oh how I loved just cutting open the bag and dumping it in the saute pan, it's riced to a couscous or orzo-like consistency, very even.

I made a tried and true Eggface recipe with it: Chinese Fried Rice-less Rice. I figured a recipe I knew the results, taste and texture of was the best judge of the product. Sauteed in just a drizzle of olive oil till slight color change and heated through...

I added all the other yummy ingredients. You can add whatever you want really... it's a great use for bits and bobs of leftovers bumping around the fridge. This time it was yellow onion, green onion, mushrooms, frozen peas, scrambled eggs, sometimes I add chicken or beef (cooked, chopped up.) If you have a piece of steak leftover or extra grilled chicken breast. This is the perfect vehicle for that.


Verdict: We have a winner! Not only was this Riced Cauliflower super convenient, it was delicious. I noted no major texture changes from the freshly whizzed version and the taste soooo good. Now I have not tested it with something that needs to be crispy, so things like those cauliflower faux pizza crust recipes you see on Pinterest. I will one of these days and update the post but what a BIG time saver! Now all your focus can be on what to make with it. I'm jazzed and already planning my next "riceless" cauliflower creation.

Trader Joe's
$1.99 a bag/frozen section
Serving Size 1/3 package (4 oz.)
Servings Per Container about 3
Calories 30

It'll be added to my Post Weight Loss Surgery Pantry Essentials List. Let me know what you think of it.

Keen for Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

I found a bag of quinoa (keen-wah) in the pantry and decided I would try and experiment with a sweet breakfast quinoa, again. I have tried my hand at breakfast quinoa in the past but none of my experiments or attempts at pinterest pins have been keepers or blog worthy until now. Here's the difference... instead of just sweetening leftover quinoa, this breakfast quinoa is cooked in Almond Breeze Almondmilk and cinnamon and that gives it a depth of flavor and nutty sweetness that makes it delicious. If a cinnamon bun is calling your name in the AM, just say no and try this Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa, a nutritional powerhouse, protein-packed source of magnesium, iron, fiber, calcium. A great way to start your day.

Shelly's Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

1/2 cup Quinoa, rinsed well
1/2 cup Almond Breeze Almondmilk Original (plus a little more for serving)
1/2 cup Water
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
2 Tablespoons Sweetener of your choice (agave, SF maple syrup, honey, SF coffee syrups)

Combine quinoa, Almond Breeze Almondmilk, cinnamon and sweetener (I used SF Vanilla Syrup) in a medium pot and bring just to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes until most of the milk has been absorbed. Fluff quinoa with a fork. Spoon into bowls (serves 3-4) and then have fun playing around with different toppings and mix-ins.

Some of my favorites:

"The PB&J" a splash of Almond Breeze Almondmilk, a teaspoon of peanut butter and a teaspoon of no sugar added jam.

"The Chunky Monkey" sliced banana, a few Blue Diamond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almonds, and a splash of Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

"The Chai Spice" a Tablespoon or 2 of chai protein powder mixed in and a splash of Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

"The Choco-Coconut" a Tablespoon or 2 of chocolate protein powder mixed in, a splash of Almond Breeze Almondmilk and a sprinkle of toasted coconut

This heats up great, so it's perfect to make on Sunday for a few days of quick weekday breakfasts. In an especially big rush? You don't even have to heat it up. It's delicious cold, a little stiff, just loosen it up again with almond milk. P.S. My favorite version cold is "The Chai Spice."

Can't wait to hear about any fun flavor combos you come up with!

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze. For the purposes of this post and recipe development, Almond Breeze provided me with products used. Thanks for the yummy Almondmilk. Want to learn more about Blue Diamond Almond Breeze LIKE their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram and tell them The World According to Eggface told you to stop by.

Heads up: Opportunity to go to #YWM2015 FREE

Wanted to give readers a heads up about an awesome new Scholarship Opportunity to attend #YWM2015 Your Weight Matters National Convention! This is one you will need to ACT FAST on as the DEADLINE is THIS FRIDAY! It's a quick application though, just a few questions. Can't wait to meet the lucky recipients!

The 4th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention #YWM2015, takes place August 13-16 in San Antonio, Texas. As you know if you are a reader of my blog, the Your Weight Matters National Convention is the leading educational event for ANYONE concerned about weight and health, bringing together the leading experts in weight and health from across the country to arm you with the RIGHT information! To learn more about the Convention:

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has partnered with Eisai, Inc. for their new Weigh In for Healthy Change Initiative, with a goal to raise the patient voice for the medical treatment of obesity! The Weigh In For Healthy Change Scholarship Program, as part of this new initiative will award up-to 10 Full Scholarships (that's travel, hotel, registration, see I told you it was awesome!) to attend the National Advocacy Training Session on Thursday afternoon and Full Access to the the rest of the weekend!

In the upcoming year, the founders of Your Weight Matters, the OAC, will focus their efforts on the passage of the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA), a landmark legislation that expands coverage of pharmacological therapies and broadens the landscape of health professionals who are able to deliver quality care to individuals seeking to improve their weight and health. Weigh In for Healthy Change is an initiative designed to help raise the profile for the passage of TROA, so this scholarship program has been developed specifically for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • 18-years of age or older (or traveling with a parent or legal guardian)
  • A desire to influence the Legislative Advocacy process
  • Individuals who have addressed their weight through medical weight management, intensive behavioral counseling under the care of a physician, or pharmacological treatment - either past or present

Applicants NOT eligible to receive a scholarship include: health professionals; individuals seeking CE credits; individuals who have already received formal legislative advocacy training conducted by the OAC; and relatives/members of the OAC staff, National Board Members, or OAC Committee Members.

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements and are interested in attending #YWM2015 Your Weight Matters National Convention submit your application NO LATER than THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19.

The Your Weight Matters Campaign and Your Weight Matters National Convention are proudly brought to you by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). The OAC, a more than 50,000 member-strong National non-profit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by excess weight and obesity through education, advocacy and support. I serve on the Obesity Action Coalition National Board of Directors and am this year's YWM Convention Chair. I have no part in the selection of the scholarship recipients. Good Luck to all!

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Celebrate Your Health Summer Giveaway

The first day of summer is next week! Is it just me or is this year flying by?! Things I'm looking forward to this summer: a few beach days, more BBQing and picnics and in August, the Your Weight Matters National Convention. It's going to be a great weekend of education about health, weight loss, nutrition, wellness and emotional health, fitness classes for all levels, fun evening events and lots of supportive friend-making. Speaking of support, one of the great companies that will be at the event is Celebrate Vitamins. The Celebrate gang will be sharing product samples and information about post weight loss surgery vitamins and supplements to keep us healthy this summer and beyond.

I hope to see some of you at #YWM2015! Let's celebrate summer with some Celebrate Vitamins.

It's Giveaway Time!

The Prize: You'll be ready for a healthy summer with this super groovy Pink Beach Bag filled with an assortment of Celebrate summery flavors!

Celebrate Vitamins Multivitamin Soft Chews, Very Berry 60 ct.
Celebrate Vitamins Calcium Citrate Soft Chews, Berry 90 ct.
Celebrate Vitamins Iron + C Chewable, Tangerine 90 ct.
Celebrate Vitamins B12 Sublingual, Cherry 90 ct.
3 Celebrate Vitamins ENS 4 in 1 (a high potency multivitamin, 500 mg of calcium citrate, 4 g of fiber, and 25 g of whey isolate protein in each serving) Orange Cream Single Serving Packets
3 Celebrate Vitamins High Protein Meal Replacement (27 g of protein) Bananaberry Single Serving Packets
6 Celebrate Vitamins ENS 2 in 1 Protein & Calcium Bars (15 g of protein and 500 mg of calcium citrate) (3 of each flavor: Caramel Chocolate Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch)
28 oz. Pink Blender Bottle Shaker
and an Eggy's Mum original, knitted, Pink Flower Key chain

How to Enter: 1.) LIKE The World According to Eggface & Celebrate Vitamins Facebook Pages 2.) COME BACK HERE and LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST (Be sure to include your name and some email address where I can contact you if you are the winner) Scroll down to # of comments below to enter. That's it, easy peasy.

For fun (optional): What are you looking forward to this summer?

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Good Luck!

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Health and Wellness: DIY At Home Spa Day

Last weekend my Mum and I had a little at home "Spa Day." Real spas are not really an option in my world budget-wise but you shouldn't have to miss out on a little pampering just because you can't afford to splurge. Check out these ways we pampered ourselves on the cheap without ever leaving home.

Wellness Health Budget Fun Mom Daughter Days

First I gathered together a few spa supplies (lotions, roller massagers, herbal neck wraps) Check the travel sample section in stores for cheap, potions and lotions to try or you can find lots of recipes on the Internet for DIY homemade face masks, hair treatments, body scrubs.

I made these Aromatherapy Neck Wraps. They are a fun DIY project that take minutes to make.

Wellness Health Fun Day Homemade

You need:
Uncooked Rice (Supermarket Bulk Bin)
Leg Warmers (Dollar Store)
Herbs (Rosemary, Mint, Lavender) and Essential Oils
Needle and Thread

Sew one end of the leg warmers, fill about 3/4 full with rice, add a few drops of essential oils or herbs and then sew the other end. You can use knee high socks too but there's that bend in the heel area or cut the sleeve off an old sweatshirt. Hmm something else to do with your old clothes as you are losing weight.

In the winter, you can microwave the neck wrap for 30 seconds or so to make it a warm. In the summer months, they are great chilled in the fridge or freezer just put them in a gallon Ziploc bag so the aromatherapy is contained. I don't think lavender-scented frozen shrimp will be the next big culinary thing but hey who knows ;)

Health Wellness Recipes

Our Foot Soak Station: Plastic tub, water, Johnson's Foot Soak Powder, lotions, scrubs, Kwan Loong Oil (great for aches and pains) Oh and don't forget a towel to dry off your feet. I did and had to tiptoe inside to get one.

Health Wellness Girls Day Birthday Party Idea Recipes

Books or magazines to read, play some peaceful music or I like to meditate either with a guided meditation app or my meditation cards.

You have to have some infused spa water (aka sliced fruit in ice water.) I used orange, lime and lemon slices but berries, sliced cucumber, mint and ginger are great too.

Healthy Recipes - Sugar Free Drinks

Our spa food: Greek Hummus Rounds

Low Carb Cucumber Crackers Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery Fitness Snacks

and that yummy Edamame and Salmon Salad I make. Great use for leftover salmon or grilled shrimp. So good.

Asian Weight Loss Surgery Protein Fitness Healthy Eating Food

Salmon not your thing? More salad options.

At home spa-day was a great success. It was a stress-free afternoon of pampering and healthy eats and it didn't break the bank. I highly recommend it. I'm already planning to do it again.

This would be a great idea for a pre-teen birthday party or sleepover... some nail polish in fun colors, some of those nail art pens. Maybe change the menu a bit to build your own spa salad bar or protein smoothies.

Protect Your Protein Bar

If you are like me you toss a protein bar into your purse "just in case" or to have as a healthier option when out with pals and faced with 500+ calorie pastries and desserts. When traveling, it's a better option than expensive airport grub and I can't tell you how many times I've checked in to a hotel only to find that the restaurant is closed, room services has ended and my options are now a nighttime walk in an unfamiliar city to the nearest 24-hour greasy spoon (not appealing) or chips and soda from the vending machine (not an option.) My secret protein stash has saved me time and time again. I reach into my bag and voila yummy protein.

Here's a solution to keep your bars safe from getting bashed around with all that other stuff we feel the need to carry in our purse... cell phones, make-up, random dinosaurs or Matchbox cars.

A hard eyeglass case. How cool is that?!

They hold two typical size bars nicely and when I go to eat them they won't be a bashed up, hot mess. You can find them online or most Walgreens/CVS type stores carry them near the eyeglass repair kits and sunglasses. My current purse stash: Premier Protein Honey Caramel and Cookies & Cream. Premier Protein bars have a yummy chocolaty coating but bashing around in my monstrosity of a purse can do a number on them. These cases are a great solution and when you really need your portable protein it will be as pretty as the day you bought them.

For my readers that follow me on Instagram... head over for a chance for you AND an Instagram pal to win one of every flavor of Premier Protein bars.

Sample them all and find your favorites. Find details on how to enter my Pop-Up Giveaway on Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. All of the opinions are mine. For the purposes of this post Premier Protein provided me with products used. Thanks for the yummy bars. Want to learn more about all of Premier's great products LIKE their Facebook page and tell them The World According to Eggface told you to stop by.

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Congratulations! You are the winner of the HUGE box of some of my favorite post weight loss surgery protein shake making pantry essentials. Can't wait to hear what you create.

Want to learn more about any of the contents of the giveaway above. Click here for more info and sources and recipes.

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Recipe and Review: Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds

I had an opportunity to try Blue Diamond's brand new BOLD Sriracha Almonds. Sriracha (pronounced see-rah-chah) is a type of hot chili sauce. It has really become the "it" condiment on menus and products and I was excited to taste Blue Diamond Almonds flavored with it. I cautiously (as I do with anything spicy) tasted one. In the first seconds of tasting, I thought did they make a mistake, the sweetness of the chilies is first to come through but within seconds the heat reveals itself and spreads across your tongue to the back of your throat. Oh yeah, there it is... the hurts-so-good kick you want from Sriracha and with that I reached for another. I love this flavor.

Now my British Mum on the other hand gave me the disapproving side-eye when I said I was making lunch with some of my new Sriracha Almonds. She's not a fan of spicy anything. I told her to trust me. I just knew this was going to be good. I love to add almonds to my chicken salad, a little nut crunch adds texture, flavor and interest in each bite. These Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds take that to the next level. The sweet heat blended with tangy Greek yogurt was the perfect combination. This wasn't just good this was ahh-mazing and umm guess who requested it again... yep Mum was sold. In fact, she raved about this lunch. It was delicious.

Shelly's Sriracha Almond Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocado Melts

1 1/2 cups Cooked Chicken, chopped (I used Rotisserie)
2 oz. Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds
1 stalk Celery, sliced thin
2 Green Onions, diced fine
1/4 cup Greek Yogurt, plain
Salt to taste
2 Avocados, halved
2 slices Cheddar Cheese

Chop the chicken into bite sized pieces. I used the white meat breast from 1/2 a rotisserie chicken but whatever chicken you use for chicken salad making will work fine. Pulse the almonds in a mini food processor till they are roughly chopped.

Mix chicken, almonds, celery, onions, yogurt together till well combined. Add salt to taste. You can eat as is, serve on a salad, with cucumber "crackers" or I took it over the edge by filling avocado halves and made "melts."

I filled the avocados (there is enough salad to fill 4 halves), topped them with 1/2 slice of cheddar cheese and broiled them 2-3 minutes till the cheese was bubbly and golden.

This was a great protein packed lunch and by axing the traditional greasy mayo in chicken salad and using Greek yogurt instead it gave me the ability to use some of those fat grams on the good fat and nutrition in avocado and cheese. Mmm Heaven. So yeah find these nuts. Be sure to portion them out because that sweet heat is something you will want to keep reaching for. If you have any almonds left once your family finds the can... try this recipe.

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. All of the opinions are mine. For the purposes of this post and recipe development Blue Diamond Almonds provided me with products used. Thanks for the yummy nuts. Want to learn more about all of Blue Diamond Almonds great products LIKE their Facebook page and tell them The World According to Eggface told you to stop by. I hope you enjoy this lunch as much as my Mum (fancy that!) and I did.

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