Headed to Copenhagen

After never having stamps in my passport I suddenly will have 2! Earlier this month, I was in London (Windsor) and today, I am headed to Copenhagen, Denmark where I will be talking about the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and the power of patient voices and participating a patient workshop with people affected by obesity around the world.

If you'd like to follow along www.twitter.com/eggface is my outlet for all my random hi-jinx, people I meet on the way, sights, sounds, and food pics and once the workshop starts hopefully some thoughtful insights about how to make the world a better place for those affected by obesity. 

I may toss out a few Q's or polls on Twitter too. I am just one person and I want to make sure I represent your interests well.

Headed to London

This is an exciting week. I'm headed to London to participate in the World Obesity Federation Patient Summit, a gathering of patient delegates and leaders from around the globe coming together to talk about obesity and the advocacy efforts needed to drive change. There is so much misunderstanding and stigma surrounding obesity and people affected are suffering because of it. I am looking forward to chatting about the impact we can have if we are all able to work together on some common goals. I am very proud and honored to be one of the voices from the United States at the table.

Speaking of the table... the event is being held at a former royal residence that has been donated by the Queen for educational events like these. It's called the Cumberland Lodge (outside of London) and on the same grounds as Windsor Castle (where Meghan and Harry were married last month and Princess Eugenia is getting married on Friday) Check it out...

This is especially exciting for me as it is my first trip to Europe. At my highest weight, I had difficulty in tiny airline bathrooms (airlines can we work on this!) and the thought of such a long trip was not feasible. After my weight loss, there was just always something else that needed to come first before a trip overseas. I'm excited to have this opportunity to check something off my bucket list. My first stamp in my passport!

If you've read the blog for a while you probably know I am 1/2 British. My Mum, sis, and brother were all born in England. My Dad was born in Sicily. He moved to England in his 20's where he met my Mum. They immigrated to the U.S. and I was born. So I'm the only U.S. born in my family. I used to say proudly that I was the only one that could be president but that doesn't seem to require much these days (sorry couldn't resist.) My Mum is from Yorkshire, England (more north) and this is a quick trip but it'll be nice to say I have been to her country.

If you'd like to follow my European adventure follow me on Twitter and Instagram I'll be sure to post some pictures and things I learn. It's also National Obesity Care Week (be sure to take the pledge) in the U.S. and World Obesity Day on Thursday so I'll be tweeting up a storm.