Join me in taking #OACAction

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you probably have seen me using the hashtag #OACAction. Basically, the concept is really simple... the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is calling on its Community, as well as all of its supporters and followers, to simply take action and do something positive that moves our work as a non-profit organization forward in our mission. Your #OACAction can be any gesture that helps us spread awareness about obesity, educate and support people who are affected by it and improve their lives in some way, shape or form. All actions matter and all actions make a difference!

OAC's Mission
OAC Beliefs and Demands 

You can read more about #OACAction on the Obesity Action Coalition OAC Community Page and while you are there sign up to be a part of the OAC Community, there is a no-cost entry level now.

Today I want to share one of my favorite ways to take #OACAction: Sharing OAC materials in my neighborhood. Quick story... a few years ago a person who the attended OAC's Your Weight Matters (YWM) National Convention for the first time shared they had learned about it from reading a magazine I had left in a local coffee shop in my neighborhood. I was so jazzed for her for getting to attend what she called a life-changing experience for her health journey, I was jazzed for the OAC as we gained a new community member and I was jazzed for me too. It truly is an amazing feeling to know a small action you take can make a big difference.

Educational Resources

This week I created an #OACAction Take Action Kit to keep in my car. I used an old Your Weight Matters event bag and filled it with some of the free educational resources available by request from the OAC (most are also downloadable if you need something fast), a few issues of YWM magazines, and I filled a bag with some supplies tape, magnets, push pins, etc. I often need when posting items on community billboards or in coffee shops.

I also printed a list of places to remember to leave items:

Health Fairs
Support groups/talks
Gyms/fitness centers
Child care centers/preschools
Coffee shops
Grocery stores
Nail salon/hair salon
Craft clubs/book club
Library community info areas
Community centers/bulletin boards
Church fellowship/meetings
Doctor/dentist/lab/other medical waiting rooms

I think you will find there are so many opportunities for sharing materials in your own neighborhoods when you begin to make your list. I even come up with a few odd places from time to time like the other day I left an old YWM magazine in my car dealership waiting room as I was waiting for an oil change. I have to remember to do it every time because I know people will be grateful for the fun and interesting reading option... they literally only have Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, and an occasional Money magazine. So leaving a YWM magazine each time will be my public service to save people from boredom LOL. Seriously though, it's an easy way for me to spread the word about the OAC, its awesome community and the work the organization does for those affected by obesity.

Taking #OACAction OAC Action

I hope you will join me in #OACAction taking... maybe by dropping something off at your next Dr. appointment, or by following the OAC on social media and retweeting, liking or sharing their posts so more eyes see them, or telling people about next year's YWM event, or maybe you'll take #OACAction in a different way, you can find tons of ideas in the OAC Action Center and keep checking back because we'll add more ideas from time to time.

When I take #OACAction I tweet about it (it's also happening on Facebook & Instagram so if you prefer those you can post with the hashtag there) and add the hashtag. If you search #OACAction on those social media platforms and scroll through you'll see others in our community taking #OACAction reading them inspires me, I hope it will inspire you too!

Your Weight Matters YWM2018

It was a crazy busy month! The highlight by far was the Obesity Action Coalition's (OAC) 7th Annual Your Weight Matters (YWM) National Convention in Denver, Colorado. As most of you know I have the great honor of serving as an OAC National Board Member and currently as Chairperson. This meeting is our BIG annual, awesome, gathering of individuals from across the country (34 states) and the globe (we had 6 countries represented this year!) who have personally struggled with their weight or have an interest in the education offered on health, weight, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, emotional health and wellness, and so much more.

Attending YWM each year is one of the ways I personally keep my health journey energized. Attending feeds my brain with knowledge (real deal, science supported, evidence-based, No BS, knowledge) and more importantly, it feeds my soul. There is something magical, inspiring and motivating when you find yourself surrounded by people who "get it," when you find your tribe, your community. It's powerful and it carries me like a wave from each year to the next. I am healthier for attending in both body and mind.

It's also POWERFUL in a larger community sense...

When you get that many amazing people together you feel empowered knowing there are others who care about the same issues you do and want to take ACTION to make the world a better place for those affected by obesity.

This year the OAC is focused on taking ACTION...

#OACAction is basically anything big or small (some with just a click of the mouse) that moves our organization forward and ALL ACTIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. There will be those that feel compelled to visit DC and share their stories in a public way to increase access to obesity care and treatment (awesome!) but for those that aren't ready or wanting to take action in that way, know that your efforts are still soooo needed... from dropping off OAC materials in your local community to sharing OAC social media posts which increases their reach to attending YWM each year and bringing friends and family to calling out weight bias and stigma and responding to our calls to act on issues. There are so many ways to take #OACAction!

Visit the OAC Action Center frequently to learn more ways to take #OACAction (we add new ones often.) Search on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook #OACAction to see what actions your fellow OAC Community members are taking and tag your #OACAction taking on social media so we can all be inspired and motivated by each other's actions...

...until we meet again at YWM2019. SAVE THE DATE and make plans to attend next year’s Convention in Tampa, Florida. August 1-4, 2019! Sign up for e-alerts to keep up with all the Convention 411 at

P.S. I have so many photos to go through from Convention I'll make another post with some fun pictures soon.