New Product Alert: Celebrate Vitamins Protein & Calcium Bar New Flavors

Celebrate Vitamins Essential Protein 2 in 1 Protein & Calcium Bar has two fruity new flavors! Lemon Crunch and Crazzberry Crunch. I was given an opportunity to sample them. They are both delicious. I want to dangle a Crazzberry Bar from a chain and wear it, it smells Ahhh-MAZING. I love that they made fruit flavors, it's a nice alternative to the typical chocolate flavors. Summery... I can see pulling one of these babies out of your beach bag in the summer and while everyone is eating chips and snack cakes you'll be doing right by your health.


15 grams of Protein PLUS... 500 mg of Calcium Citrate and 333 IU of Vitamin D3 per bar.

High protein snack (Between 130-140 calories) comes in 4 delicious flavors: NEW Crazzberry Crunch (fruity, berry, white chocolate drizzled yumminess, new favorite), NEW Lemon Crunch (tangy citrus zing, white chocolate drizzle.) Join the original flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch (peanut butter and chocolate, classic combo) or Caramel Chocolate Crunch (rich sweet caramel, light chocolate coating.)

They come in 7 bar boxes of the individual flavors or if your can't decide which flavor you want to try first. You don't have to because they also have an 8 bar variety pack. Very cool!

A great portable protein source that is ready to go on your next big adventure or small adventure navigating the break room of temptations each day at work.

Want to learn more: LIKE Celebrate Vitamins on Facebook and tell them The World According to Eggface sent you over to check out their new bars.

Want a CHANCE TO WIN some bars: Leap on over to my Instagram I'm giving some away.

When Celebrate Vitamins asked me to try the new flavors and share the news I was excited to. You know I love to try new things. The products (including the nom nom nom samples I gobbled up for this post) and the nutritional information have been provided by Celebrate Vitamins: for more product and nutritional info. The commentary and opinions are all me. 

Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Today's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: I made Ricotta Pancakes the other morning. The leftovers are great reheated (great to make on Sunday for a few easy breakfasts in a row) or cold like I ate for breakfast. The last 2 remaining pancakes got a smear of Almond Butter, wrapped in foil and went with me on my errands. I had a bunch of stuff to get done and this was my only free morning all week.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Menus Food Ideas

A few mornings I had work related meetings and a few were Your Weight Matters National Convention related. If you haven't heard... Registration Opens March 7th and if you register those first few days you are entered into the "Inspiring Health" YWM2016 Registration Contest. This early registration contest gives you the chance to win the grand prize of a three-night stay at our beautiful host hotel, the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, as long as you register from March 7-11. Individuals who register before Friday, March 11, will be automatically entered-in for a chance to win. Remember March 7th Registration opens. for all the info (the agenda will be released soon it's ahhhh-mazing) and to sign-up for e-alerts to hear all the news as it's released.

More Eggface Pancake Recipes
More Eggface Breakfast Ideas

Lunch: Came home and made a little plate of cooked shrimp (love those Shrimp Cocktail trays they have at Costco), a few Cucumber "Crackers" and a Greek Yogurt Dill Dip (plain Greek yogurt, chopped fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon, salt & pepper) to dip everything in.

weight loss surgery meals menu menus food

Dinner: The weather has been amazing... ummm if it was June... 80's!? in February... now don't get me wrong it's beautiful and I am not complaining... much... but a little winter or even spring would be nice. We maybe had 10 rainy days. The El Nino was an El No-Show. They keep saying it's not over. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. I started pulling weeds because the little bit of rain we did get is making them grow like umm weeds. I can never garden without injury. Last time I was hit in the head with a pomegranate (those suckers hurt, drive by fruiting.) My arm courtesy of a rose bush. It better make some pretty flowers after this.

Well so the positive of this weather was I made up a bento picnic dinner... leftover grilled chicken, tomato salad, bean salad from the deli, ate outside and watched the sunset... nursing my wound.

Weight Loss Surgery WLS Menu Menu Food

Pink Box (top left): Sliced Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella sprinkle of salt & pepper
Green Box (top right): Greek Yogurt Pesto Dip (plain Greek Yogurt and a dollop of store bought Pesto Sauce)
Blue Box (bottom left): Grilled Leftover Chicken and Bean Salad (just got a couple of scoops at the deli)
Orange Box (bottom right): Pecan S'mores Quest Bar Protein "Cookies" (recipe)

More Bento Box lunches, FAQ's and an Online Source for them
My Bento Pinterest Page (Tons of Lunch Ideas)

Snacks: Too much coffee as usual including a Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte when I was running errands and as I write this I am eating a few Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds. So check this out you know those gift card tins that have a little insert to put your card. After you use your card, remove the insert and they are great putting almonds or Quest Bar Cookies in for an emergency purse snack when traveling.

Reuse Recycle DIY

More Healthy Travel Snacks
More Days in my Pouch

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Congratulations Jennifer! You are the winner of the latest Eggface Giveaway! You win the BIG BOX of AWESOME filled with some of my favorites Celebrate Vitamins products (including the new Watermelon flavor Chewable Multi-Complete with Iron 45) and other weight loss friendly items. You have mail! Be sure to make that yummy PB and J Protein Shake!

Want to learn more about any of the contents of the giveaway above: Click here for more info and sources.

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Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Yesterday's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: I think starting your day with chocolate is pretty much a given that it will be a day full of awesome. Just saying.

Celebrate Vitamins Protein Powder

Shelly's Chocolate Mint Cookie Protein Shake

1 cup milk (I used a combo of Almond and Soy)
1 scoop Celebrate Vitamins Chocolate Mint Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Vanilla)
a few cubes of Ice

Whiz on high in blender. I topped it with No Sugar Added Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream and a sprinkle of crushed Chocolate Mint Protein Bar. I keep a snack size baggie of crushed Protein Bar around for sprinkling on Protein Ice Cream, pudding or yogurt.

If you haven't tried Celebrate Vitamins Protein 20 Protein Powder get a hold of some. All the flavors are yummy but the Chocolate Mint. It's an Andes Mint and if you a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie fan you will LOVE this shake. Certainly you can even lower the calorie count even more by axing the whippage (so good though) and even mixed with water in a blender bottle it's great.

More Eggface Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Lunch: I had a couple of Egg Bites (crustless quiches) and a dollop of quinoa. It's always nice to have a batch of Bites made. It makes for easy lunches or dinner the next day. The reheat so well (toaster oven, preferred but microwave or oven is fine too.)

Cheese Steak Egg Crustless Quiches Eggface

Shelly's Philly Cheesesteak Extra Cheesy Bites

1/4 lb. (about 4 slices) Roast Beef (I use Boar's Head Low Sodium), chopped
1 Bell Pepper, diced (I used 1/2 Yellow, 1/2 Green)
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
2 Green Onions, diced
1/3 cup Colby Jack Cheese, shredded
5 Eggs, beaten
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper
2-3 String Cheeses, chopped into pieces

Saute peppers till golden. Add beef and Worcestershire sauce and saute for 1 minute. Set aside to cool. When cool mix all ingredients together except cheese stick pieces.

Spoon into lightly greased (Pam works great) mini muffin tins.

Place one piece of cheese stick in the center of each bite. Bake for 30 minutes at 350. Makes 24.

Egg Quiches Low Carb

I served them with a steamer bag of Mediterranean Quinoa (Path of Life). I make a great Quinoa Patty with it... look for it, delicious.

More Eggface Egg Bites (Crustless Quiches)

Dinner: "Spaghetti" & Meatballs. This is a really easy dinner to throw together. You can do most of it the day before really. I'm a bit of an insomniac so I woke up in the middle of the night and halved and deseeded a spaghetti squash. I tossed it in the microwave just upside down on a glass Pyrex plate with 1/4 cup of water. 14 minutes or so (time will depend on size), you want a fork to insert easily. Allow to cool slightly. Use two forks to shred the flesh of the cooked squash into "spaghetti." You can... in a clean dish towel squeeze the squash to remove any excess water. I do this step sometimes if I'm making a casserole but for this dish I don't bother. I just stuck it in the fridge and then in the evening I nuked it with a dab of butter (for flavor, everything in moderation), salt and pepper.

I took pre-cooked frozen meatballs (I know my Sicilian Grandmother RIP is rolling ;) nah she'd probably love the convenience too (smart woman) and warmed them in a 1/4 of a jar of Rao's (best jarred sauce ever) served them with a generous sprinkle of Italian cheese.

Healthy Italian Recipes

We're in the down and dirty part of Your Weight Matters National Convention meetings so I have a lot of early AM or evening phone calls. This sort of dinner is great for those days. Are you coming to Convention? The discounted Room Block is open now. Educational agenda is coming soon... it's amazing!! Hope to see you there. Sign up for e-alerts to hear the latest announcements.

More Eggface Healthy Italian Recipes

Snacks: Too much coffee, a handful of grapes somewhere in there.

More Days in my Pouch

Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Yesterday's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: I had some leftover veggies I had roasted the night before for dinner. I just chopped up whatever needed using in the veggie bin a couple of peppers, a few mushrooms, a zucchini. Spread them evenly on a baking sheet with a little drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of Kosher salt. 425 degree oven, give them a toss every 15 minutes or so. Takes about 45 minutes to get some nice color on them... depends on water content of veggies and size of chop. It's a great side dish I sprinkle a little Parmesan on top. Perfect with fish or chicken or heck I can make a scoop or 2 of those dinner with a little more Parmesan cheese on top.

I took the leftover veggies and made breakfast egg bowls with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of cheese. Delicious!

Lunch: I had an opportunity to try a great seafood variety pack from, a direct-to consumer seafood store. Superb quality seafood, no additives, quick-frozen and delivered in vacuum packed, pre-portioned servings. You just put the portion you want in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to defrost. I love that they offer variety packs it's been so fun to try different varieties.

Yesterday I seared the last of my scallops. I served them on a sort of Asian slaw... shredded cabbage, carrot, cilantro, tossed in some freeze-dried edamame for some crunch and drizzled on a little store bought soy ginger dressing. Literally these are some best scallops I have ever eaten.

Dinner: I had sort of odd dinner. I had something else planned but time got away from me and I had an Obesity Action Coalition Board Meeting meeting last night so I made a protein shake to sip on while on the call.... after the call I had DVR'd The Grammy's so I steamed some edamame to eat while I watched.


Shelly's Mocha Madness Protein Shake

1 cup milk (I used a combo of Almond and Soy)
1 scoop Chike High Protein Iced Coffee Mocha Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor, I used Sugar Free Chocolate)
a few cubes of Ice

Whiz on high in blender. I topped it with No Sugar Added Homemade Whipped Cream (Chocolate, you can make any flavor) and a drizzle of SF Chocolate Sauce (Smuckers)

Shelly's Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor)

Whisk till well combined. Every batch I make a new flavor: SF Vanilla, SF Coconut, SF Almond, if you want pink cream use Sugar Free Raspberry. Fill whipping cream to the fill line of the whipper. Screw on the top. Insert the CO2 cartridge till it empties, unscrew that. Put the nozzle on, shake a few times and squirt away. It makes a ton, store it in the fridge for up to 10 days just give it another few shakes before squirting. Great on berries, shakes and smoothies, crepes. You can make chocolate too... I add unsweetened cocoa powder 2 Tablespoons to recipe above and into the whipper... on strawberries... OMG... so good.

More Eggface Protein Shakes and Smoothies

I love these little steamer boxes of edamame. You vent the box and pop in the microwave for 4 minutes. I found them at Ralph's (Krogers) supermarket.

Snacks: Too much coffee and a couple of the Quest Protein Bar Cookies leftover from my Valentine's weekend spread. I'll have to share the pic from that... I made a few treats: SF Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Mini Protein Muffins and some Quest Cookies. Those berries went quick.

sugarfree no sugar added healthy

More Days in my Pouch

Eggface Celebrate and Love Yourself Giveaway

You know when you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others. That advice is not only good when you are 35,000 feet up, it's good life advice. Post weight loss surgery healthy eating, getting in your protein, moving your body, drinking water, taking vitamins and keeping up with your labs are a few ways we should care for ourselves so that we can be there for those we care about.

It's Valentine's Day... a day dedicated to love... start with you!

It's Giveaway Time!

Bariatric WLS Weightloss

The Prize: a big box full of AWESOME from Celebrate Vitamins, tons of healthy ways to care for yourself...

Celebrate Vitamins Multi-Complete with Iron 45 (60 ct. Watermelon **New Flavor**)
Celebrate Vitamins Multi-Complete with Iron (60 ct. Forest Berry Flavor)
Celebrate Vitamins Calcium Citrate & D3 Soft Chews (90 ct. Berry Flavor)
Celebrate Vitamins B12 Sublingual Quick Melt Tablets (90 ct. Cherry Flavor)
Celebrate Vitamins Single Serve Meal Replacement Packets (3 Tomato Soup, 3 BananaBerry)
Celebrate Vitamins Protein 20 Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Powder (14 serving bag)
Sugar Free Torani Raspberry Syrup (125 ml. mini bottle)
28 oz. Red Blender Bottle Shaker
7-day Vitamin Organizer

How to Enter: LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog posting (be sure to include a name and some email address where I can contact you if you are the winner) Scroll down to # of comments/post a comment below to leave yours. That's it, easy peasy.

Example: Jane Doe

For fun: Tell me a healthy way you show yourself love.

Want an extra chance to win: LIKE Celebrate Vitamins and The World According to Eggface Facebook pages. Let me know in your comments you liked the pages.

Example: Jane Doe
I like both pages!

Contest Period Ends: Sunday, February 21st, midnight (Pacific), sometime Monday, February 22nd. I'll draw a name using a random number generator and announce the winner here on the blog! I will also email the winner at the address provided. You'll have one week (7 days) to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen. One comment entry per person. Blog comments are moderated so there may be a slight delay (up to a few hours, especially at night if I'm sleeping Zzzz) in seeing your comment/entry post. Giveaway is open to anyone in the contiguous United States (48 contiguous, AK & HI, sorry it's a legal issue international laws govern giveaways and a money $ thing)

If you are the winner (or have this yumminess on hand) be sure to make this Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Shake. You are the Peanut Butter to my Jelly...

Weightloss Health Fitness Workout Protein

Shelly's PB&J Sandwich Protein Shake

8 oz. Milk (any I used Almond Milk)
1 scoop Celebrate Vitamins Peanut Butter Cookie Protein 20
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Raspberry Torani Syrup
5-6 Raspberries
a few cubes of Ice

Whiz in blender till smooth.

Good Luck!

Healthy Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine celebrations (or date nights) may not be quite the same as before your weight loss journey. Those giant hearts filled with chocolates are not really an option (especially post weight loss surgery) but there are still tons of great ways to say I love you and keep your health goals too.

Here's Five...

1. Write a love letter, find a meaningful poem or song lyrics, write them on beautiful paper for a handmade Valentine. Writing not your style... make an old school mix "tape" playlist: "Songs that make me think of you" *swoon*

2. Plan an active date like a hike, go on a bike ride, try kayaking or paddle boarding, geocaching, be a tourist and explore your town. Is it snowing near you? How about sledding, skating, bowling, an indoor rock climbing wall or trampoline, a dance class.

3. Volunteer together: clean up the beach or a local park or volunteer at a local charity. Ask an elderly neighbor if you and your loved one can help paint a fence or repair something for them. Spread your love to those in need.

4. Take a healthy cooking class together or find a healthy recipe, get all the ingredients and cook a meal together at home. Don't forget the candles.

5. Spending quality time (turn off the cell phone) with someone you love is the most meaningful gift and no money $ is required.

You'll need some energy for a few of those suggestions above so before you head out be sure to make one of these protein packed recipes:

Premier Protein Ready to Drink by Eggface

Shelly's Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Protein Shake

1 (11 oz.) Premier Protein Ready to Drink Chocolate Shake
1 Instant Coffee Granules Tube
a few Ice Cubes
a few dashes of cinnamon

Blend on high till well combined. I topped it with No Sugar Added, Homemade Whipped Cream and another dash of cinnamon. Yum!

Put a few of these truffles in a little tin and take them with you on your hike or to help fuel your volunteering...

Premier Protein Powder by Eggface

Shelly's Peanut Butter Protein Truffles

1/4 cup Premier Protein Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
2 Tablespoons Coconut Flour
2 Tablespoons Almond Meal
2 Tablespoons Milk
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Syrup (or sweetener of your choice)

Nuke peanut butter (any, I used crunchy peanut butter but you could use any nut butter) and liquid sugar free syrup (or agave, honey, SF maple, whatever sweetener you use) for 30 seconds. Stir till well blended and add to dry ingredients. Add milk (any, I used Soy) Mix till well combined and sticky dough forms. Shape into 10-12 truffles. Place in the fridge until firm. You can freeze them too. Pop one out when you want a sweet treat.

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. For the purposes of this post Premier Protein provided me with products used. Want to learn more about Premier Protein products LIKE their Facebook page and tell them The World According to Eggface told you to stop by.

Let me know how you like the shake and truffles. Happy and Healthy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

My Berry Favorite Valentine's Day Desserts

Looking for some no sugar added, protein-packed, Valentine's Day sweet treats for you and your loved ones that are delicious but won't massacre your health goals. Here's some of my very (or should I say berry) favorite Valentine recipes that are guaranteed to win anyone's heart.

This is my favorite of the zillion versions of microwave protein cakes I make. It tastes like Crunch Berries cereal.

Shelly's Pretty in Pink Microwave Protein Cake

1 Egg, beaten
3 Tablespoons Milk
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup
2 Tablespoons Canola Oil
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix
1 teaspoon Sugar Free Strawberry Jello Powder, dry
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
Pinch salt
1 - 2 cup Measuring Cup or Microwave Safe Mug

In a measuring cup mix egg, milk, syrup and oil and combine thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix pancake mix, Jello powder, protein powder and salt. Tip dry into wet and stir till combined. Nuke in microwave for 2-2 1/2 minutes (start with 2 minutes and add 15 seconds or so at a time.... you want a dry top) Let it sit for three or so minutes (it pulls away from the sides) before tipping the cake onto a plate. Yields 4-5 slices.

I served it with sliced Strawberries tossed with a little Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup (Smuckers) and No Sugar Added Homemade Whipped Cream sort of self serve, build your own dessert style.

Valentines Day

Berry-topped Chocolate Mini Protein Muffins:  All of my Microwave Protein Cake recipes can be turned into 12 mini muffins when baked at 350 for 10 minutes in the oven. I glazed some of them with a little melted sugar free chocolate, topped some non-pareils or a strawberry with a little heart food pick stuck through them to keep them together (like cupid's arrow.)

Shelly's Chocolate Protein Mini Muffins 

1 Egg, beaten
3 Tablespoons Milk
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor)
1 Tablespoon Canola Oil
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix
2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa
1 scoop (50 cc-ish) Chocolate Protein Powder
Pinch salt
Measuring Cup

In a measuring cup or microwave safe mug, Mix egg, milk, syrup and oil and combine thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix pancake mix, cocoa, protein powder and salt. Tip dry into wet and stir till combined. Pour into a non stick mini muffin pan that has been sprayed with Pam. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

Strawberry Cannoli: My favorite quick and easy dessert. A take on one of my childhood favorite Sicilian desserts: the cannoli. This version is waaaay better for you. Sweet farmer's market strawberries + creamy protein packed ricotta filling = Heaven.

Shelly's Strawberry Cannoli

12 Large Red Ripe Strawberries, washed & cored
1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor)
dash of Cinnamon

Optional toppings:
Unsweetened Coconut
Grated Sugar Free Chocolate
Chopped Nuts

Wash and core strawberries. Leaving a hollow in the berry. Set aside. Mix ricotta, SF syrup (or whatever sweetener you choose) and cinnamon together till well combined. Spoon mixture into a snack size Ziploc bag. Seal. Cut end off and pipe mixture into hollowed strawberries. Dip into optional toppings.

Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids and Adults

It's tradition to give little gifts and messages to your loved ones on Valentine's Day. This usually means way too much chocolate and sugar is received and consumed. As an alternative (or at least a balanced response) here's oodles of healthy (no candy, no chocolate) Valentine's Day treats and messages to give the kids and adults in your life.

Healthy & Fun Valentine's Day Ideas: 

No Chocolate, No Candy, Valentines

Apple, Applesauce, or Freeze Dried Apple Snack - You're the apple of my eye, I love you to the core.
Banana - I'm bananas for you.
Cutie Mandarins - You're a cutie!
Cheese Sticks - Stick with me Valentine.
Nuts - I'm nuts about you! Note: Be aware of nut allergies if given out in a classroom.
Popcorn - You make my heart go pop!
Jerky - I'd be a jerk if I let you go, Valentine.

Sugarfree WLS weight loss surgery bariatric

Water Bottle w/a Drink Stick - Hope your Valentine's Day is a big splash!
Tea - You are my cup of tea. You are my strength in hot water.
Starbuck's Card - I love you a-latte.
Cocoa, Tea or Coffee - You warm my heart.
Fuzzy Socks - We make a nice pair!
Mug - I've been mugged, you stole my heart!

Valentine Sugar free

Flashlight or Glow Stick - You light up my life.
Fan - I'm your biggest fan.
Lottery Ticket - Hope you get lucky.
Sugar Free Mints - We're "mint" to be.
Tissues - I'm love sick over you.

Valentine gifts sugar free wls bariatric weight loss surgery

Shaker Bottle with Protein Travel Packet - You've got me all shook up!
Protein Bars - You're the best, bar none.
Soup Packet - I think you're "soup"er.
Ready to Drink Protein Shake - You shake me up!

Toy Dinosaur - Hope your Valentine's Day is "Dino" mite!
Toy Bug - A Love Bug for you.
Toy Car - You drive me wild!
Spinning Top - You make my head spin, Valentine.
Ruler - You rule!
Stickers - I'm stuck on you.
Bubbles - Don't burst my bubble. Be my Valentine.

Happy & Healthy Valentine's Day to all!

More Healthy Valentine's Ideas and Recipes

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Thank you to all who entered The World According to Eggface Comforting Care Package Giveaway

The random generator has selected:

Betty P.

Congratulations Betty! You are the winner of the latest Eggface Giveaway! You win a care package filled with some of my favorites to have on hand when I'm feeling under the weather including great products from Celebrate Vitamins and other healthy weight loss friendly items. You have mail!

Want to learn more about any of the contents of the giveaway above: Click here for more info and sources. Not a winner this time... no worries February is always a fun month on the blog and another Eggface Giveaway will begin very soon! Follow along on the Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram for the latest eggciting announcements and pop-up giveaways!

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