It's World Egg Day!

Here are some Eggface Egg-ceptional ways to celebrate

Shelly's Deviled Eggface Footballs
Shelly's Chicken Egg Foo Young Muffins
Shelly's Confetti Egg Salad

Shelly's Bacon & Egg Salad
Shelly's Pesto Deviled Eggs
Shelly's Muffinless McMuffin

Shelly's Conshohocken Scramble
Shelly's Apple Raisin Protein Souffle
Shelly's Heart Shaped Baked Egg Cups

Shelly's Mini Shrimp & Crab Cakes
Scrambled Eggs With Pesto and Ricotta
Eggface "Bites" (Crustless Quiches)

Shelly's Chorizo Crustless Quiche
Shelly's Zucchini Pesto Pie
Shelly's Faux Fried Egg


Fredda said...

Happy World Egg Day Eggface! LOL I hope you celebrate in style!

<3 ya! Fredda

Some Chilean Woman said...

Hey it's your day!

I love eggs so thank you for all the awesome recipes.

LeeLee said...

Happy belated World Egg Day, Michelle! I will eat some eggs today in your honor (I was out of town on Firday). Thanks again for all of your recipes.

Without being too mushy, I have to sincerely thank you for inspiring me to get back into the world of cooking. I am getting really good at experimenting and using what I have, and I very rarely cooked before surgery...I ate almost all of my meals out (salads, and stuff, but also some--OK, lots of--no-no foods), or had canned soups, etc.

Boy has life changed! Every time I buy something new at the store (like Greek seasoning), or substitute yogurt for sour cream, or even make up my own casseroles, etc., I almost always (really!)think of (and thank) you. {Hope that doesn't sound too creepy.}

Anyhow, you have really made a mark in my life, whether you want to or not! ;) And for that, I want to say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Love ya!

Have a great day, and tell your Mum I'm glad she is healing well.

Take care,