Eggface Halloween Treat Bag Giveaway

Tomorrow is Halloween! We can't let the kiddos have all the fun. I've got a bag of treats to giveaway!

The Prize: Reusable black "Treat" bag filled with a spooktacular bunch of my favorites...

Celebrate Vitamins Multi Complete with Iron (Chewable Orange) 60 ct.

Celebrate Vitamins Calcium Plus 500 (Chewable Orange Burst) 90 ct.

1 - 7 day Pill Organizer

3 single serving packets of Chocolate Milk Celebrate Vitamins ENS Each ENS (Essential Nutrient System) shake contains a high potency multivitamin, 500 mg of calcium citrate, 4 g of fiber, and 25 g of whey isolate protein in each serving and it's delicious try it mixed in Greek yogurt.

3 single serving packets of Chike Nutrition Orange Creme Protein. These seriously taste like a 50/50 Creamsicle bar.

1 Pumpkin Orange 20 oz. Blender Bottle Shaker

1 Mini Sampler Set of Sugar Free Torani Syrups (4 - 150 ml mini bottles in SF Caramel, SF Raspberry, SF Vanilla, and SF Hazelnut)

How to Enter: Like The World According to Eggface, Chike Nutrition, and Celebrate Vitamins on Facebook. Come back here and LEAVE A COMMENT (include a name and an email addy) on this blog posting. Scroll down to # of comments to leave yours.

Contest periods ends: Sunday, November 4th, midnight (Pacific time)

Monday, November 5th I'll draw a name using a random number generator and announce the winner here on the blog! I will also email the winner at the address posted. You'll have one week (7 days) to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen. Remember winners MUST be a Facebook friend of The World According to Eggface, Chike Nutrition and Celebrate Vitamins. One ENTRY per person. Blog comments are moderated so there may be a slight delay (up to a few hours) in seeing your comment/entry post. Giveaway is open to anyone in the United States (48 contiguous, Alaska & Hawaii.)

***Want extra chances to win?*** Do anything listed below and leave me a comment letting me know what you did! For up to four more entries per person!!

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Emotional health post weight loss surgery

If you watched The Ricki Lake Show episode I appeared on last month you know I have some body image issues that did not go away with the 158 pounds I lost or the reconstructive post weight loss surgery plastics I have had done. I'm working on them, chipping away at years of "stuff." The emotional journey of weight loss is way harder than anything physical in my opinion. Healthy eating choices, moving my body, I've got those. The head stuff... I am a work in progress.

I haven't worn a dress in public (except Halloween costume stuff) in decades. That is until this weekend at the Obesity Action Coalition Awards Dinner. This is me chipping away...

Obesity Action Coalition President and CEO Joe Nadglowski and I

"Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member" Award

With my pal Beth (aka Melting Mama) also an award winner that night.

OK so when's the next time I can dress-up?

I would like to thank the OAC who unbeknownst to them planned an inspiring convention session on Body Image (Merrill Littleberry is awesome, friend her on Facebook) right before the dinner and my thighs would like to thank Victoria's Secret control top pantyhose. Where have you been all my life?!

Michelle Vicari Honored with the Obesity Action Coalition’s “Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member” Award

Michelle Vicari Honored with the Obesity Action Coalition’s “Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member” Award

For Immediate release
October 29, 2012

For More Information:
James Zervios
Director of Communications
(800) 717-3117

Michelle Vicari Honored with the Obesity Action Coalition’s
“Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member” Award 
California resident Michelle Vicari was honored with the Obesity Action Coalition’s (OAC) “Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member” award during the OAC’s Your Weight Matters Inaugural Convention in Dallas.

As a longtime OAC member, Michelle has been instrumental in strengthening the OAC’s voice by recruiting members. She is also an accomplished blogger. Her blog, “The World According to Eggface,” is extremely popular among individuals battling the disease of obesity.

“It is truly impressive how many of our members know or communicate with Michelle on a regular basis. Michelle has single-handedly solidified the OAC’s membership through her recruitment efforts,” said Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO.

About the OAC
The OAC is a National nonprofit charity dedicated to helping individuals affected by obesity. The OAC was formed to bring together individuals struggling with weight issues and provide educational resources and advocacy tools. For more information on the OAC, please visit

About the Your Weight Matters Convention
The Your Weight Matters Convention is a national convention focused on providing individuals with quality, evidenced-based education on weight and its impact on health. For more information on the Convention, please visit,

Thank you Obesity Action Coalition and all those that recommended me for this incredible honor. I am a proud member of the OAC, their sole focus is representing individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. If you are affected by obesity or have loved ones that are affected please join the OAC ($10/yr individual.) There is an African proverb, "Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable." The greater our membership, the stronger our voice. 

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Obesity Action Coalition Your Weight Matters Convention

I'm excited to head off to Dallas, Texas this week to attend the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Inaugural Convention. I first announced it back in March and it seemed so far away and now it's finally here!

The agenda is AWESOME. So many great health, weight loss, body image, surgery, fitness, obesity related topics will be covered. Thursday we'll be getting some advocacy training. It's so close to Halloween we'll be celebrating that with a party on Friday night. There is also an awards dinner on Saturday night and get this yours truly will be wearing her first dress in public since my teens. I have worn a dress as part of a Halloween costume and I think I wore a skirt once to something years ago but this is a full on, girlie, had to go buy hose, dressy dress. I'm scared. I'll snap a pic or two for proof as it may never happen again.

I'll be tweeting at the event so if you'd like to keep up with all the convention chatter and see if you'd like to attend next year. Follow me @eggface and the event hashtag #OACConvention of course I'll do a wrap-up post with stories and pictures when I get back.

Sunday some of us will be walking in the Dallas Walk from Obesity, drawing attention to obesity and the need for treatment and prevention efforts. I want to thank the AWESOME folks that donated and helped me reach my personal fundraising goal. Our team raised over $6,000.

Thank you to my ✩✩ rock star friends ✩✩ who donated already: Trish K., Elizabeth S., Cynthia R., Ellen W., Victoria W., Laura F., Rachel, L., Lois L., Pandora W., Stephanie C., Kat. L., Michael. S., Rebekah L., Leigh Ann S., DJ R., Karin P., Janice B., Becky S., Maureen C., Michele W., Jill H., Franna T., Barbara H., Erica G., Lester G., Laura J., Julie. B., Mary C., Susan S., Kelly C., Dana K., Peggy E., Rebecca C., Donna T., Coleen G., Linda P., Mandi R., Rae T., Andrea H., Catheryn E. and Lynnda S.

There's still time to donate and anyone who donates to my page (even $1) will be entered into a drawing for a mystery box of goodies. I'll pull a name from the donors on November 1st.

Well I better start packing. I have to check a bag. I hate to check but I have that aforementioned dress, a Halloween costume, sneakers and stuff for the walk as well as all my regular every day clothes. I've done nothing. I put the PRO in procrastination. Well I shouldn't say nothing, I did start getting my carry-on bag/purse filled with my must have near me at all times stuff.

I love this purse - I had a blue one exactly the same and used it forever, I still have it but it's kind of looking weathered. It fits everything computer, magazines, snacks, and some of my travel must haves...

Something that makes me feel better when hurling through the sky in a large tube made of metal. My Aura Cacia Panic Button Aromatherapy. I love this one and Chill Pill. One of those is always with me.

Breathsavers 3 hour Mints - Addicted. This 1/2 Sicilian girl never fears garlic or onions at lunch.

My Armpocket - My latest find. It's basically an armband version of a fanny pack but umm hip and cooler. It velcros around your arm so you can walk hands free and still have your phone, ID, cash, keys on you just in case.

The little window lets you access your phone screen for changing songs or checking the time. It's been great on my nightly walks. I'll be using it on this Sunday's Walk from Obesity. There's surprisingly a lot of room in it so would be great for a longer hike as you could probably get a baggie of almonds or a protein bar in there too.

I've got some snacks - an Apple Pie Quest Protein Bar and a Premiere Titan Oatmeal Raisin protein cookie. I usually bring a blender ball shaker with protien packets but a little bird told me Chike Nutrition will be passing out shake samples so between them and Celebrate Vitamins who will be there too with their yummy ENS I think I'll be good to go in the protein department. I might add a baggie of raw almonds or crunchamame.

Reading material. I love one of the cover articles. "Eat healthy & Love it" Yup. Every day! My "As Seen on TV" Coin Purse. My Lauren's Hope Medical ID, Blistex, Sunglasses and various other stuff I must have with me at all times.

OK off to pack.

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A day in my pouch

My day in post weight loss surgery eating. This was actually Friday. Saturday I ran out the door pretty earlier to meet some fellow Weight Loss Surgery pals at the Farmer's Market and didn't eat breakfast. My Saturday eating was not up to snuff... Breakfast: Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte, samples at the market: a 1" sample of Tamale, a carrot stick with some dip, a clove of pickled garlic. Lunch: 1 oz. or so of Beef Jerky. I got home late from hanging out and doing a ton of errands so for Dinner: I ate some of these leftover pancake bites with a bowl of soup. That my friends, I call the "crap grab", which happens on a day without a plan. Friday was a much better eating day because I had a plan...

Breakfast: I've made a few versions of these plain Sausage, Bacon (featured on, a few different Fruit versions. These are perfect for the season. Pumpkin and sausage are classic together. I ate a few with a little Sugar Free Maple Syrup but they are great for lunch with soup or salad. Keep for several days in the fridge I like to heat them up in the toaster oven but they can be nuked too.

Shelly's Pumpkin Sausage Pancake Bites

1/2 cup Multigrain Pancake Mix, dry
1/3 cup Soy Milk (any milk would do)
1/4 cup Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Syrup
2 Tablespoons Pumpkin Puree (not pie filling)
1/3 cup Cooked Sausage Crumbles

Mix pancake mix, milk, syrup and pumpkin together till thoroughly combined. Pour batter into a 12 cup mini muffin tin that has been sprayed with Pam. Fill about 3/4 way up.

Top each muffin with a few sausage crumbles. Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes or until golden.

Lunch: Turkey Cold Cut Roll-up, Tomato Basil Cheesestick, Honeycrisp Apple with Almond Yogurt Dip.

Shelly's Almond Yogurt Dip

3 oz. Greek Yogurt (I used plain, 2%)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Almond)
a few toasted Almonds sprinkled on top

Great as is, made into a breakfast parfait, or as a dip for apples, bananas, strawberries.

Dinner: Salmon Packet. The super quick prep and clean-up foil packet dinners I toss on the BBQ.

This one was Asian-style: A piece of frozen or fresh Salmon with Bean Sprouts, Zucchini, Green Onion, 2 Tablespoons of a storebought Soy Ginger Marinade/Dressing, a few twists of Black Pepper. Wrap tightly in foil. Toss on covered BBQ 25 minutes for frozen, 15 minutes for fresh. They come out perfect every time...

Snacks: Too much coffee and a taste test of a new to me protein shake I mixed up in my blender bottle and took on my walk. Will review one of these days.

All was right with the world again with a meal plan in place. A tasty, protein packed, balanced day. I highly recommend thinking about what you eat and what your day looks like before you eat it versus as you are eating or after.

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Healthy Changes: A-ha moments.

On my Facebook page we have a great thread going. Please join in...

Question of the Day: Did you have a specific "A-ha!" moment, you know, a point at which you realized something had to change with your health, your weight?

It hurts to remember but it helps to know we are not alone.

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A day in my pouch

This what my yesterday looked like in post weight loss surgery eating...

Breakfast: A make several of these parfaits and saran wrap them so I have grab and go, healthy breakfasts or high protein snacks during the week.

Shelly's Raspberry Almond Yogurt Parfait

3 oz. Greek Yogurt (I use plain, 2%)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Almond)
a sprinkle of Toasted Almonds
a few fresh Raspberries

Lunch: Melted Cold Cut Rollups. Slice of Ham (I like Low Sodium Boars Head brand), 1/2 a Cheesestick and leftover steamed Asparagus (I'm on an asparagus kick right now) rolled up and sauteed till cheese is melty. These are great when you are jonesing for a grilled cheese. It's great with turkey too.

Dinner: I was planning on making Salmon Packets but I was just not feeling it. The salmon is cooked from frozen so I figured I'd just move that plan to tomorrow and I went with a go-to dinner for me... Frittata. Breakfast for dinner basically. I sauteed a few mushrooms, chopped up a leftover slice of ham I had from lunch, beat up a few eggs, sprinkled some cheese and herbs on the whole thing, start on the stove-top, finish under the broiler, cook till golden and viola. I had a wedge with some little cherry tomatoes (salt, pepper, oregano) I bought Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

It was delicious.

Snacks: Too much coffee and I ate a few of these Pizza Skewers while watching this show about a lady that turned her house into a Bunny Museum. It's in Pasadena, CA. It was a little OCD/Hoarder-ish freaky but the lady that ran it was sweet and I can imagine kids in the area must love to go see the bunny house well... ummm... all except the freeze dried taxidermied bunnies. Her and her husband actually live there, surrounded floor to ceiling by bunnies. Every thing in the house from the knives and forks, to telephone, to the toilet seat cover is bunny themed. He's totally on-board with this bunny obsession in fact, they give each other a bunny a day as a token of their love. Proof I guess that there is someone out there for every one, so let your bunny shaped freak flag fly ;) I guess.

Shelly's Pizza Skewers

Cheesesticks, chopped into segments
Fresh Basil
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Pepperoni slices

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Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

My yesterday in post weight loss surgery eating.

Breakfast: A sliced apple and this fall flavored protein packed dip...

Weight Loss Surgery Healthy Dips Dessert Breakfast Apple Pumpkin Bariatric Recipes

Shelly's Protein Packed Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Dip

1/2 cup Greek Yogurt (I used 2%, plain)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Torani Syrup (SF Caramel or SF cinnamon Vanilla would be yum too)
1 Tablespoon Canned Pumpkin (not pie filling)
a dash or 2 of Pumpkin Pie Spice
Optional: 1-2 Tablespoons Protein Powder (Celebrate Vitamin's ENS Vanilla Cake Batter is GREAT in this)

Sliced Toasted Almonds
Grape Nuts Cereal

Mix together till well combined. Because I need texture in my yogurt I topped it with a sprinkle of nuts & cereal. Great for dipping fruit or eating as is.

Lunch: The weather was absolutely dreamy yesterday. After one of the worst summers I can remember we are finally getting fall temps and cool breezes. I took advantage of it, packed my bento box and took my lunch outside. I walked over to the park near my house and worked most of the afternoon from there. For those of you that received email correspondence from me yesterday this will explain any errors. I was replying from my phone and I have chubby fingers ;)

Low Carb Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Food Diabetes Fitness Healthy Dinners

Pink Box (top left): Sliced Grilled Chicken (Breasts pounded flat, brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with Greek Seasoning and BBQ'd) and sliced Tomatoes with a sprinkle of oregano
Green Box (top right): Shelly's Greek Yogurt Hummus Dip for dipping chicken & asparagus
Blue Box (bottom left): Asparagus
Orange Box (bottom right): 1/2 an Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookie

The key to eating meats post weight loss surgery is moisture. I love to dip them in Greek yogurt based dips. Here's an easy one: Shelly's Greek Yogurt Hummus Dip: Equal parts plain Greek Yogurt and Hummus. This is great for dipping meat or veggies.

More Eggface Bento Meals

Dinner: I had turkey defrosting in the fridge to make a batch of mini meatloaves but those take a whole package and I realized it wasn't quite enough for that so decided to turn it into my Lettuce Cups instead.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Food Diabetes Fitness Healthy Dinners

Shelly's Asian Lettuce Cups

3/4 lb. Ground Turkey or Chicken (about 1/2 a package)
4 Green Onions, diced
6 Mushrooms, chopped
2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
1/2 teaspoon Garlic, crushed
1/2 teaspoon Ginger, grated
1 Tablespoon Sherry
Lettuce Leaves (Green Leaf, Bibb, Boston, Iceberg all work fine)
Cashews, chopped

Separate lettuce leaves. Wash and spin dry. Set aside. Saute all ingredients together. Use a wooden spoon to break up meat. Cook meat till no pink is seen.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Cooking Food Diabetes Fitness Healthy Dinners

Divide mixture among lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with chopped nuts. Fold and eat taco style.

Snacks: Too much coffee and a Tomato Basil Cheese Stick.

I'm hoping the cooler temps are here to stay and am officially starting to decorate for Fall. My Halloween mantle...

Happy Halloween Holiday Fireplace Decorations Banners Pumpkins

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Drum roll...

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National Bullying Prevention Month - Challenge Wrong

Dear ________ (a store in my mall, that will remain nameless, for now)

I'm writing to you today to ask that a particular product you are displaying in your window at your Temecula Promenade Mall location be removed from view and hopefully not stocked again. The following sign greeted me this morning as I walked into the mall.

Bias stigmatization obesity weightbias

Obesity is no laughing matter. Obesity is a chronic disease that affects the health of more than 67% of adults in the United States, nearly 32% of American children are affected by overweight or obesity. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. People are dying.

Below the sign in your store window making fun of "fat people" was a poignant piece of art about cancer survivors. We wouldn't make art making fun of those battling cancer, diabetes or any other disease. Why is it that society seems to think that obesity is fair game? It's not OK.

I, myself was once diagnosed with obesity and just a few short years ago couldn't have walked the length of our mall without a struggle. Today, I celebrate the fact that I walked the entire mall and then some. Sadly, I was greeted by that sign.

Please help recognize and support National Bullying Prevention Month by removing that hideous sign.

Thank you,
Michelle Vicari

cc: Temecula Promenade Mall

I love my mall. When I first had surgery I took it as a personal accomplishment when I was finally able to walk the length of it without stopping to take a breather on a bench. It hurt me to pass this sign this morning. All we can do is chip away at this stuff when we see it. Hopefully, they will remove it and maybe gain a little understanding into our plight.

*UPDATE: Good news I received a reply from the store: "Michelle, The signs have been removed from the store. Thanks for calling it to our attention."  I'm heading to the mall later today so I'll be able to see for myself :) as of  10/8/12: It's gone :) Thank you.

Friday Five

A weekly round-up of tidbits, tips, ideas, news articles, random cool things from the weight loss surgery world...

1. October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Here's a simple way you can help: Don't make or laugh at "fat jokes." Pass it on.

2. One last reminder about the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Conference in Dallas later this month. If you are interested in health, weight, obesity, advocacy issues you will want to attend and stay through Sunday to take part in a Walk from Obesity - a fundraising walk that happens in many locations across the country to raise $$, a way to show your support in the fight against obesity. Can't walk or not near one? You can donate to my page.

Every buck or two is appreciated and have no fear I don't have kids so I'll never hit you up to buy wrapping paper, candy bars or Girl Scout cookies. This is pretty much it ;)

Look ahead: Make plans to spend May 17,18,19 2013 in Las Vegas at the WLSFA Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Meet & Greet. This week they announced this year's keynote speaker is: Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips who underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery in 1999. Carnie documented her struggles with regain after the birth of her daughter on the show Celebrity Fit Club and her own reality show. She received lap-band surgery earlier this year. I'm excited to hear her message at the event. Here's all the 411 on how to register to attend.

Funny Wilson Phillips story... back in 1990 when Wilson Phillips debuted their self-titled CD. I brought my copy on the plane along with a few other CD's to listen to while flying to New York from California. Yes, kiddos too young to remember we once actually brought those hard shiny circles with us places LOL. Back in the day, I had a Bright Yellow Sony Sport Discman, it was waterproof, had all these rubber sealed edges to keep moisture and dirt out. Well apparently as the plane pressurized the CD player's rubber seals stick together like glue and no amount of prying can open it until the cabin depressurizes. My Wilson Phillips CD happened to be the one inside so whether I wanted to or not I had to listen to it or nothing for 6+ hours. Needless to say, I can sing word for word, breath for breath, pause for pause, EVERY song on that CD.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Weight Bullying: Why no uproar?
Obesity, Repression, and Addiction
Obesity and Self-Image: Are the Two Connected?
Dog Helps His Owner Through Obesity

and be sure to check out this video if you haven't seen it posted on my Facebook page already. Wisconsin WKBT 8 News anchor Jennifer Livingston stood up for herself and for people everywhere who have been fat-shamed. Bravo Jennifer! A person’s weight provides no indication of an individual’s character, credentials, talents, leadership or contributions to society.

4. Heads up on a yummy new product: KRAFT Tomato Basil String Cheese. I grabbed a bag of these the other day at the supermarket (also saw them tonight at Walmart) 70 calories a stick. 6 grams of protein. It was a great snack with some sliced tomatoes. They have 2 other new flavors too: Jalapeno and Cracked Pepper. I'll have to give those a try.

5. If you haven't entered the BIG 10,000 Giveaway there's still time to add your name to the hat. CLICK HERE to enter. Giveaway ends this Sunday, October 7th. Winner announced Monday.

You've got a chance to win a HUGE prize pack filled with some of my favs from: Celebrate Vitamins, Chike Nutrition, Torani, Blender Bottle, Nike, Big Train, Premier Protein, Oh Yeah Nutrition, Quest Nutrition, Click and Syntrax Products.

If you can, hit up a few of their Facebook pages and tell them Eggface sent you. Check out Blender Bottle's newly designed page and I heard Chike Nutrition will be doing some contests in the next few weeks you won't want to miss those so be sure to LIKE them.

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Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

My yesterday in post weight loss surgery eating.

Breakfast: A Frappe perfect for the Fall flavor-wise and frosty enough for those of us in Southern California who are still in triple digits. I heard today's the last of the nasty heatwave, we'll see. This has been the never ending summer.

Weight Loss Health Fitness WLS Bariatric Surgery

Shelly's Fall Fit Frappe

1 cup Milk (any, I use soy)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein (I used 1 packet of Big Train Vanilla Fit Frappe)
2 Tablespoons Canned Pumpkin (not pie filling)
a few dashes of Pumpkin Pie Spice
a handful of Ice Cubes

Whiz in blender till well blended. I topped the smoothie with Homemade No Sugar Added Caramel Whipped Cream and a dusting more of Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Shelly's Homemade No Sugar Added Caramel Whipped Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Caramel Torani Syrup (any flavor will do)

Whisk till well combined. Fill whipping cream to the fill line of the whipper. Screw on the top. Insert the CO2 cartridge till it empties, unscrew that. Put the nozzle on, shake a few times and squirt away. It makes a ton, store it in the fridge for up to 10 days just give it another few shakes before squirting. Soooo good.

Lunch: Filled my bento box with some leftover cooked shrimp from the night before (Costco shrimp cocktail tray saves me when I don't want to cook) and one of these delicious Sausage and Pepper Deviled Eggs.

Low Carb Healthy Lunches Weight Loss Fitness Bariatric Surgery

Pink Box (top left): Shelly's Sausage and Pepper Deviled Eggs
Green Box (top right): Sliced Tomatoes with a sprinkle of oregano
Blue Box (bottom left): Cooked Shrimp & Lemon
Orange Box (bottom right): Salt & Pepper and (in the little blue container) Cocktail Sauce

Protein Gastric Bypass Vertical Sleeve Recipes Cooking Food Menus

Shelly's Sausage and Pepper Deviled Eggs

4 Hardboiled Eggs
1/4 cup of Cooked Crumbled Sausage
1 (2 oz. jar) Chopped Pimentos (found near olives)
1 Green Onion, diced fine
2 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt
dash of Oregano
dash of Kosher Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper

Hard cook eggs. Cool. Cut in half. Remove yolks. Mash egg yolks with Greek yogurt. Add drained pimentos and chopped green onion. Add seasonings. Blend well. Spoon or pipe back into egg whites. Top with crumbled sausage.

These would be great for football or game night snacks. Some deviled eggs are girly like my Crab Deviled Eggs or Chickpea Deviled Eggs but these are manly man Deviled Eggs. So be sure to save some back in the kitchen before the guys get to them ;)

How I hard cook eggs: Place eggs in pot. Fill pot with cold water till 1" over eggs. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes. Pour off hot water and cover eggs with very cold water. This is an extremely important step which prevents the greenish ring you sometimes see on yolks. When eggs are cool enough to handle. Crack & peel away shell. Chill.

More Eggface Bento Meals

Dinner: This is seriously one of the best casseroles I have ever eaten. No, seriously. I was going to blog just about this dinner and label this post: The Best Fall Casserole Ever. That's how much I loved it. I hope you do too.

Butternut Squash is really good for you, it's high in vitamins A, C and E, it's also a good source of fiber and potassium.

Healthy Best Casseroles Recipe

Shelly's Butternut Squash Casserole

2 lb. Butternut Squash, cubed
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
1 Yellow Onion, diced
4 Large White Mushrooms, chopped
3/4 pound Ground Turkey
1 1/2 teaspoons Poultry Seasoning
1/2 teaspoon Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper
1/4 cup Pecans, chopped
1/4 cup Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

Preheat oven to 425. Place cubed squash on a baking sheet. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with Kosher Salt. Toss to coat. Bake for 45 minutes turning 2 or 3 times during cooking. I cheated and bought already cubed & peeled squash from Costco (I've seen it at Trader Joe's, Fresh & Easy, regular supermarkets) because I value my fingers and butternut squash is a pain in the you-know-what to chop up. If you get the whole squash look for a medium one about 2 lbs in weight.

Saute onion and mushroom. Remove from pan and set aside. Brown turkey till no pink is seen. Add seasonings. Add onions, mushrooms, and pecans. Stir to combine. Remove from heat.

When squash is done. Reduce oven to 350. Mix squash into turkey mixture. Place in a Pyrex casserole dish. Top with cheese. Bake for 20 minutes or until cheese melted and lightly browned.

Snacks: A couple of cups of coffee and a cheesestick.

It was a very tasty day.