Confetti Egg Salad: You say it's your birthday...

Another year older. 39. *sigh*

“You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” ~Bob Hope

I do though take pleasure in the fact that I feel and look better than I did at 29. Woot!

Having a little tea party later for my birthday lunch. Here's one of the dishes I'm serving. Confetti Egg Salad in little "Cucumber Canoes." It's sooooo good and super festive for a birthday celebration.

Shelly's Confetti Egg Salad

4 Hard Cooked Eggs
1/4 of an English Cucumber, diced
1/4 of a Orange Bell Pepper, diced
1/4 cup Black Olives, chopped
4 slices Cooked Bacon, crumbled
1 Green Onion, chopped
2 oz. jar Pimentos, drained
2 Tablespoons Plain Greek Yogurt
1 Tablespoon Mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon Italian Seasoning
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper

Whiz hard boiled eggs till finely chopped in a mini food processor.

Add remaining ingredients and mix till well combined.

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Great on it's own, spooned on to slices or scooped out (I use a melon baller) sections of cucumber into "cucumber canoes," or stuffed in tomatoes, or eaten as a wrap.

Lunch Party FoodMy beautiful birthday flowers that greeted me this morning...

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Post weight loss surgery I'm enjoying the trip (and I pack much lighter.)


Anonymous said...

Aaaawww...Happy Birthday, Shelly! You look amazing! Hope you have a fabulous start to your trip around the sun! ;)
Looks like you're off to a great start!

Brandon said...

Happy Birthday!! You look GREAT!!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! I'm turning 43 next month, and after having my WLS in December, this is going to be a great birthday!

adoll said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! You look awesome! I appreciate your site soo much!

Denise H

Brianna Mackie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Nkara68 said...

Happy Birthday = you do look 29!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Trust me when I tell you that the best is yet to come!! Hope this will be a great year for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
To feeling great no matter what age you are..

Carol from Boston

tobys-mom said...

Happy Birthday.. You look great!!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday, Shelly! I find that being 50 (Yikes - it sounds weird to say it!) isn't so bad now that I'm a "new person" post WLS, so I'm sure being 39 won't be too bad for you, either!


RR said...

Happy Birthday! You're gorgeous....inside and out. You're so incredibly inspirational and your food is amazing. May you celebrate 39 more years....and another 39 after that!

battynurse said...

Happy Birthday. I hope it was a fabulous one.

karen said...

Happy Birthday!!! {confetti and streamers} You look great. I love your recipes. But what are you doing making your own birthday lunch? I can't wait to grow up and look like you someday. - hugs and kisses for your birthday

T2Nashville said...

Happy birthday, Shell. Your life has definitely changed, but you have definitely changed mine, too! Thanks, and have a lovely day!

~Oct said...

Happy birthday girly ... you are looking gorgeous.

leendadll said...

Belated Happy Birthday. You look great!

In unrelated news: I just saw a commercial for a Mission Tortilla recipe contest. It appears to have just launched. I suspect you have a good chance of winning with any of your tortilla recipes! more info at

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to yooooou
Happy Birthday to yooooou
Happy Birthday Dearest Shelly
Happy Birthday to yooooou And Soooo Many Moooooore !!

You Look Wonderful!!!

Luv ya,
Linda from Pa

Linda said...

Happy Surgiversary and Happy Birthday to you!!!! You are such an inspiration to us all. I can't thank you enough for sharing your journey. I still think you should look into creating a cook book (your stuff is way better than the ones out there)....Thanks again. We need to see more pics from the NYC trip!

chav said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! I have been following your blog pretty quietly and I am so happy for you! You are beautiful and healthy now. congrats!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Happy Birthday! I'm so happy to learn your birthday is June 28th! Mine is also and I'm exactly 10 years older than you LOL! Wonderful! This is added incentive as I am new to the WLS community (I'm in pureed foods now-one week, 2days out of surgery). My first day of pureed was THANKSGIVING! You can bet I pureed some good thanksgiving food up because you're right - it looked like heck but tasted like heaven! Thanks for all the great tips and recipes here. I'm gagging on protein already but am absolutely inspired by your recipes for protein shakes and am going shopping today for some ingredients! Already ordered the Tarani syrup set of 6 online and can't wait to put them to use! I've always been a "baker" but not a "cook". Your site will really help me with day-to-day foods. Thanks again, Shelly. You're a beautiful inspiration to me. I look forward to following your blog from now on!
Rachel Clapp