2011 Blasts from the Past

Some of my favorite posts from the past year. It was an AWESOME year in my post weight loss surgery world...

January: 10 Favorite Protein Sources

February: Girl Scout Cookie Combat

March: Ramblings

April: NYC Wrap Up & Brooklyn Bridge Walk

May: Cinco de Mayo and Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Memorial Day

June: Fun at the Fair and Obesity Action Coalition in Washington DC

July: Cucumber Crackers

August: Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet Snacks and 5,037 pounds lost with Weight Loss Surgery

September: National Pancake Day! and New Orleans Recap

October: Deviled Eggface and Just Add Water

November: Weight Loss Surgery Holiday Survival

December: Strawberry Cannoli Santas

2010 List

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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Catracks said...

I hope you had a very merry Christmas Shelly. Thanks for all of your recipes and tips. I go on my pre-surgical liquid diet tomorrow and thanks to you, I'm all set to make protein shakes that are actually enjoyable. First one I tried was a strawberry cheesecake. I went to my local Thai place for broth with chili and lemon grass.

The best part of today is that this is the most I am ever going to weigh ever again.

littlesky said...

I have posted comments a few times. I just want to say, Again!!!, how much you are an inspiration to those of us who follow in your footsteps.

I had RNY a bit over two years ago. My life has changed so much. I am at a place I never believed possible.

When I had my surgery I would have been happy to fit into a 3x. I was a 5x.

Now I have passed the 3x and am a size 16 jean, but still getting smaller.

My goal is one fifty. I may never make it, but I know I have completely surpassed my surgeons goal of 225.

My life is so much improved. Part of it is due to you. You keep me inspired with eating low carb. Love your protein donuts and protein ice cream. What a great idea to take the things that were a weakness to a lot of us before and make it into a positive experience for us afterwards. Genius!!!!!!

TracyB said...

As always, LOVING your blog, Shelly! I had to let you know, when I called our NUT to ask her about foods my 3 week post op hubby could eat, she recommended I check out your blog! *grins* I told her it's already my home page!
One slightly random question tho- if you're not allowed veggies yet, and breads/crackers are obviously out of the question, what can one use to spread all your wonderful dips on? Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I was blog-surfing about a week ago and stumbled across your blog. I have been reading and catching up over the last few days. Wow, what a journey, what a strong woman. Thank you for sharing! Lily

Lakelover18 said...

LOVE the article in Details about the carb addiction! I've bookmarked and plan to read daily until I can confidnetly say I'm on track again. Happy New Year and thanks for inspiring me daily!


Mia said...

You look amazing!

Allyson said...

Hey, Shelly!
What fun, reading back through the year's highlights!
I love your protein shake recipes, I'm still not able to eat as much at meal times as my posse wants, so I have to have a shake every day and you're recipes definitely keep me from getting bored.
Do you usually drink the whole thing at one sitting? I'm only 6 months out from RNY, and I found that when I add extras to them, I feel full a lot faster. Any tips?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thank you guys for the lovely compliments I had a great holiday... quiet. I hope you did too.


Allyson, I drink about 3/4 usually. I get full on shakes too. I think that's why I tend to have them in the AM... lots of stuff to do, I need portable & filling. Thankfully my Mum likes to taste test the new ones so I usually give her some first ;)

AikoVenus said...

You look absolutely fantastic! I haven't been on your site long - but your recipes and innovative ideas are superb! ^^