Eggface Meet & Greet: 5,037 pounds lost with Weight Loss Surgery

TOTAL POUNDS LOST (and still losing): 5,037! On July 30, weight loss surgery post-ops (and a few pre-ops) from all over the Southern California area gathered to celebrate the loss of those pounds and our new healthy lifestyle.

The attendees all had some form of weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, etc.) and continue to maintain their weight loss with exercise, eating healthy, and working on the reasons of why they first became obese.

Combined, we have lost thousands of pounds, but we understand that there is no finish-line. This is a lifelong war versus obesity. Having weight loss surgery was just battle one. Everyday we wake up and fight. Together.

Here's the before & after of 158 pounds of those 5,037 pounds lost:

Can't wait for next year!
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P.S. Thinking about weight loss surgery and researching options? Here's a link to an online Q&A session you'll want to check out.


Amy Rene' said...

That brings tears to my eyes: tears of JOY! I've lost 128 pounds and truly believe my decision to have RNY saved my life. Kudos to everyone who has had or is considering weight loss surgery. You ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

HOLY @#$@#$ I don't take pictures in the middle of anyone - I'm always hiding behind someone...I have lost weight and look almost normal!! What a great AHA moment!! Thanks again Michelle!!

Chelsea's Mom said...

Brings tears to my eyes, too, but somewhat sad. I had RNY almost 3 years ago and originally lost 178 pounds, but have been in a backslide for about 6 months. I regained over 20 lbs. I feel like a slug. I don't want to be one that regains all her weight. I need something like that gathering to respark my flame! Hope there is something in MN for me! Thanks for sharing!

Christy B said...

Once again I want to that you for all the time, effort and money you put into making this an amazing event!

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me! Pleaaaassseee :) Love ya Shel!


MaryCaydenStudio said...

Are you still having support meetings? A friend of mine and myself had gastric bypass this year and we are looking for a meeting close to us. We live in Lake Elsinore. Please let me know. My email is Thank you.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hi Mary, It wasn't really a support meeting just a group of people getting together. Hope to have one near the holidays. Will definitely announce on the blog :)

I know some of the local hospitals have programs (Murrieta, Riverside)

If you are down this way I'd love to meet up one day.