Healthy Desserts: Red White and Blue Strawberry Cannoli

My Red, White & Blue Strawberry Cannoli will be on the menu this Memorial Day weekend. I've got to pick up some big strawberries and a basket of blueberries from the Farmer's Market this Saturday.

The plan is to BBQ (still deciding between shrimp packets or some steak (pending supermarket sale papers), sit outside and enjoy the weeds garden, and eat these yummy cannoli...

Memorial Day Labor Day Red White & Blue RWB Sugar Free Fruit
Shelly's Red, White & Blue Strawberry Cannoli

12 Large Red Ripe Strawberries, washed & cored
12 Blueberries
1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Vanilla)
dash of Cinnamon

Optional toppings (for days other than Memorial Day or the 4th of July)
Toasted or untoasted Unsweetened Coconut
Grated Sugar Free Chocolate
Chopped Nuts (Chopped Pistachios, Pecans, or Hazelnuts are great)
Protein Powder (Coffee is great for this)
Non Fat Dry Milk
Powdered Peanut Butter

Wash and core strawberries. Leaving a hollow in the berry. Set aside.

Sugar Free Healthy Dessert RecipesMix ricotta, SF syrup and cinnamon together till well combined. Spoon mixture into a snack size Ziploc bag. Seal.

Cut end off and pipe mixture into hollowed strawberries. Place a fresh blueberry on each end.

Post-ops beware... you better hide a few of these suckers or make a double (or triple) batch because they will get gobbled up by non-ops before you can get to the dish.

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Whatcha got planned for the weekend?


maggiemcguire said...

what do you use to core the strawberries?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

No special tools needed (though they do sell them) I just use a paring knife tip and run it in a circle and the core just pops out like in the picture.

Linda said...

What an amazing idea! Those are too adorable, I can't wait to try making them myself. Thanks!

Sheila said...

Thank you as always for your wonderfully inspiring blog! I just made your Chocolate Monkey Protein Brownies the other day and they were a big hit with the whole family!

I think for these strawberries, I may try Fage Greek Yogurt in place of the ricotta...yum. I might add some cheesecake flavored sugar free Jello pudding mix also to thicken the yogurt. They look beautiful and I'm sure my family will love them too.

barbccrn said...

I have a potluck on Tuesday...guess what I'll be making...thinking some with ricotta cheese mixture and maybe some Carbmaster Yogurt in some. ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Marie-Josephe said...


Danielle said...

I made these for a party recently and they were wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm 3weeks postbok can I eat these

Anonymous said...

Your recipe with the Greek yogurt sound good tooI'm might try it your way cause i looove greek yogurt thanks :-)

Ronnie said...

Will low-fat ricotta cheese change the recipe too much?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Ronnie, If you like the taste of it go for it... I'd drain it in a coffee filter in the fridge overnight though... make it drier.

Michele said...

Hello Shelly! Just another Ricotta do dad I did this morning.. I tried to put a scoop of protein powder in one serving of the stuff and used water to control consistency. Then I put berries on top. very very yummy.. I am going to try yours. I just bought the syrup! :) Can't wait to explore!

Anonymous said...

How long are these good for

Michelle "Shelly" said...

You make them and eat them it's not something you store. You could prep the berries first and keep the filling separate till serving for a few hours... 1/2 a day maybe.