Heads up: Celebrate Vitamins FREE SHIPPING

Fellow Celebrate Vitamins ♥ers: Here's a heads up on a FREE SHIPPING coupon code offer. For ALL orders placed between now and DEC 31, 2011, Celebrate will be providing FREE SHIPPING.

The coupon code is: SHIPNOW. You need to input this code during the check-out process and then choose the Free Shipping from the shipping options. Woot! Stock up on all Multi's, Calcium, Iron, B12, etc. for a healthy New Year!

If you nab some of that super yummy ENS (multivitamin, calcium, fiber AND protein all in one) be sure to make one of my nom nom nom slurp shakes:

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Cake Shake
Strawberry Snowball

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Kbean said...

I just want to thank you for all of your advice and recipes. I had gastric bypass done in 2006 by a surgeon just starting out and now I had to switch to another who would listen to my problems. I am a week post-op and you have helped me out so much; I think this is the most help I've had in several years. Thank you for providing information to everyone and making me feel "normal" again. Keep up the awesome work!!!

Anonymous said...

while they advertise it for ALL shipping, apparently it does not apply to international shipping, because I still get shipping costs when trying to order :-(
ah the curse of living in europe..

Anonymous said...

by the way that was catje1977 from the netherlands LOL

toNi :) said...

Happy New Year!! You have made my journey more bearable by sharing all of your wonderful recipes and by sharing your journey.

Thank you SO MUCH for all that you do to help make sense of this new world I'm in!

I'm 3 months post-op and down 58lbs so far & I plan to eat more of your yummy recipes in the new year and keep on shrinking! :)

Thanks again! Stay safe tonight!

Antonia :)

carbud said...

I'm going to a seminar to find out about the gastric-bypass surgery next Tues and looking forward to it but a little nervous about it.I have some friends who have had this done and are really glad they had it done.