Friday Five

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1. I just made these...

I'm uploading all the pics and typing up the how to's right now. Yum!

2. More Yum: The New All Natural Quest Protein Bars will be ready for sale today at 11 AM. Previously they were released as prototypes. If you haven't tried them yet ( Quest Protein Bars are currently only available online) grab a single bar or two (love that they sell them this way) and give them a try.

When you get your hands on one try popping them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Yum! My fav flavors: Apple Pie, Wild Berry, Lemon Cream Pie and Cinnamon Roll.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Healthy Habits Are Most Contagious Among Similar Friends - Come join our #WLS Twitter Twibe Support = success!
Soda’s Evil Twin - Great Infographic
Obese Americans face discrimination, even from medical community

I had to comment: "This serious and potentially deadly behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the medical community. This bias and stigmatization can lead to obese patients avoiding preventive health services and exams, cancer screening tests, pelvic exams, mammograms, follow up appointments. I have been both morbidly obese and normal weight and have felt that difference in treatment first hand. This is SAD and WRONG. People, be kind to one another and take note: since 34% of Americans are obese chances are one of them is your Mom, Grandma, Pop, Uncle, Best Pal, Child. Consider that when making your callous comments and the what the effect of this behavior in the medical community could mean to YOUR loved ones life."

All the more reason to join the Obesity Action Coalition and build our voice!

4. I started my morning out with my Candy Cane Protein Shake it was a festive start to day that will be filled with Christmas stuff.

I'm prepping a few tidbits for tree trimming snacks (tonight's dinner) I'll take pics and post them manana for sure. I figure the snacks will give us the motivation to get this tree finished. I pulled everything out of the garage last week. I did start but yeah, that's where ended. It was an interesting week... freezing temps and the ignition control in my heater died = 3 days with no heat. Brr. We're warm again thankfully but I can't imagine what the electric bill is going to be next month with every electric blanket and electric space heaters on. Well... cheaper than a hospital bill.

5. Stop by Sunday when another AWESOME Eggface Giveaway begins!!! What will it be?! Be sure to add your name to the hat for the current giveaway: A HUGE holiday gift basket filled with some my Celebrate Vitamin favs! (ends Sunday)

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