Trim the Tree Party Snacks

A few packed with protein, weight loss surgery friendly appetizers (of course I called it dinner) and some Christmas music gave us the motivation we needed to finish decking the halls.

Bariatric Weight Loss Eggface RecipesShelly's Red & Green Holiday Shrimp Cocktail

Cooked, chilled shrimp
Cocktail Sauce

Serve shrimp in small cordial glasses. Some with a dollop of guacamole, some with cocktail sauce. They do make sugar free cocktail sauces but I just use the real deal. I don't slather, a small dab per shrimp and I don't have issues but if you are highly sensitive look for SF versions they are out there or make your own. The alternating red & green on the table looked so festive. Perfect for a Christmas party!

Eggface Weight Loss Menu Holiday Recipes Low Carb I also sliced some zucchini lengthwise and grilled them earlier in the day. Then took slices and wrapped them around a piece of fresh feta cheese.

Low Carb Appetizer RecipeShelly's Zucchini & Cheese Roll-ups

Grilled Zucchini Slices
Feta or Mozzarella (whatever you like)

Slice the zucchini lengthwise, brush with olive oil. I sprinkled a little Greek seasoning on each slice (an Italian seasoning would be great too.) Grill the zucchini on the BBQ (or an indoor grill) till bendy and tender. Set aside to cool. Wrap each slice of zucchini around a piece of cheese. I get fresh Feta (unsalted) at my farmer's market, it's the best feta I have ever eaten in my life but fresh mozzarella would be great too. I skewered them with a food pick for ease of eating. I served them room temp but they would be great warm too with some marinara sauce for dipping. Yum!

Here's the finished tree...

Every ornament has a story or memory. I love carefully unpacking each one and reminiscing each year, like old friends coming for a visit.