2010 Blasts from the Past

Some of my favorite posts from the past year...

January: Strategies for Eating Out

February: Protein Ice Cream 101

March: Weight Loss Surgery & The Pier

April: Beautiful day & a Bento

May: My weight loss surgery journey (in denim) and The Trip Details

June: You say it's your birthday...

July: Good Morning Pancakes

August: Hot Day, Cool Eats

September: Eggface Pantry Essentials

October: Pumpkin Yumminess

November: Weight Loss Surgery Holiday Survival

December: Sausage Pancake Bites

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Ruby Darkstar said...

Eggie, Happy New Year! I spent he day re-reading all of your posts. What inspiration!! You are a gifted lady in so many ways. Here's hoping that the New Year baby has many good things in store for you this year. Cheers!
PS I have my raisins ready!
PPS If u are ever in Boston again, let's do coffee!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Eggie! Hope 2011 brings you nothing but happiness and joy and continued success!

Thank you for having this blog!

Ann in PA

Anonymous said...


I've just been re-reading your blog from day 1.

Did the high blood pressure and sleep apnea really stop within a couple of weeks after surgery??

I'm older than you ... old enough to be your Mother. I've got to get this weight off. I feel now like I'm dying. Can't breathe. Reflux all the time. Don't sleep good.

Doctor won't do rou-en-y because he's worried about blood clots from my being so sedentary. He will do the lapband and convert it later to either the rou-en-y or the sleeve.

I've GOT to do something or I won't be around much longer.

I want to thank you for going first; for showing us all how it *IS* before, during, and after; for showing us all how to be good cooks. You are truly a blessing to a lot of people.

BIG New Year's HUGS. Next year will be awesome ... for YOU, for all of us.



Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Ruby!! Yay we'll have to compare raisin count :)


Thank you Ann. Happy New Year to you too.


Barb, Absolutely. High BP gone (it's stellar still to this day 4 1/2 years later) and no apnea occurrences from hundreds a night within weeks (first 25-ish or so pounds) I'd have to look back to see exact date of study.

Best wishes to you!! I hope you have as good a result as I did. I'll be sending you prayers & good vibes for a speedy recovery and great success with whatever you & your Dr decide.

Be sure to join the WLS Twibe http://www.twibes.com/group/weightlosssurgery# if you are on Twitter.... lots of all surgery types represented. Nice support system.

~Michelle "Shelly"