Healthy Changes: A-ha moments.

On my Facebook page we have a great thread going. Please join in...

Question of the Day: Did you have a specific "A-ha!" moment, you know, a point at which you realized something had to change with your health, your weight?

It hurts to remember but it helps to know we are not alone.

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Treny said...

Couldn't tie my shoes!

Anonymous said...

When a doctor was berating me yet again about my weight at my 6 week well check appointment for my newborn - he was listing all the diets and options I "could just try", and I had tried ALL of them.... several times. I was an older Mom and wanted to be there when my baby walked, ran, went to kindergarden, had his first crush,hit a homerun....I had another one ( had surgery in 2007) When I discovered I was repeating the same mistakes - food = comfort with my precious child!!!! Now HE is overweight and I am struggling
( with guilt!!!) to help HIM learn about lifestyle choices and healthy eating.