Friday, August 19, 2011

My Bento Box Rocks

A new school year is starting for whippersnappers and it always makes me nostalgic. Who doesn't remember their first day of school? I remember hardly sleeping the night before in anticipation. I'd stare at all my newly sharpened pencils and new notebooks, I'd have my new outfit all laid out and I always had a new super cool lunch box to start the year.

First day of 1st grade

I think that's why I love my bento box so much... makes me feel like a kid again but without the math homework or ummm detention ;)

Here's some of my favorite bentos hope it gives you a few new ideas...

FAQ's about the Bento's:

Q: Do you eat it all?, Can I eat _____? A: Do you eat it all? Sometimes. Sometimes it's a meal & a snack if I'm going to be out for awhile. Sometimes it's shared. I usually bring extra protein muffins to give to someone when they say "what's that?" Also I stop when I feel almost full (when I recognize my soft cue: that post gastric bypass little message your body tells you when you have had enough - for some it's a sneeze, a runny nose, hiccup, sigh, yawn. If you recognize yours quickly you can avoid overeating and potentially losing what you just ate by not taking "just one more bite.") so I often bring a little home. Portion size should be determined by your medical posse. Can I eat _____? My blog is filled with oodles of weight loss surgery friendly food ideas and recipes that are OK on MY PLAN and I am honored my recipes and ideas are used by bariatric programs, nutritionists and dietitians all over the country (and a few overseas too) but my standard disclaimer is: "when in doubt, print it out" and ask your Dr before you try something you are unsure of.

Q: Where did you get your bento? A: Here's an online source:

(FYI: the blog scores a few cents for those purchased through the link/helps pay the domain bill.) I have several different boxes and inserts of different sizes too.

Q: Do they leak, can you microwave them, how do you keep things cold? A: I've never had it happen but I don't put anything toooo saucy or soup in them. I have a thermos I use for soup. So far so good though. I have microwaved in them. I try not to because you know how things get distorted after you nuke them too much I don't want to risk it. I use these to keep things cold or place the whole box in the fridge.

Q: What are the benefits to putting food in a bento box? A: For me, it's a way to visually see my meal is balanced (high protein, low carb.) It's great for portion-control (just don't fill the box full of chocolate LOL.)

Q: Do you have a link to all the bentos you have made? A: Yes. Click here for those. Also if you click on the pictures in the slide show most of them are labeled with post links. A work in progress.
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Lana said...

Well I not only ordered my very own VERY FIRST Bento, I also ordered fun ones for my kids! A Panda and a Frog! HA HA too cute! They are so excited to start that first day of school now too!

Amy said...

I saw Bento Boxes at Whole Foods! :)

Shrinking Justine said...

I have to say, reading your blog late at night while my stomach is empty, is NOT helpful. :) but i love it!

Lisa_Gibson said...

I still need to get my own Bento. Thanks for the info. Cute pic too. :)

Shanda said...

Hey Shelly,

I wanted to find out if you make a batch of everything you put in your bento's and then freeze it and rotate it? You seem to have so much variety so often. I really need to do this for myself as I have not been good about lunch and I think visually seeing it would be good but I am also afraid to have anything go to waste (which I know it is going to happen regardless). Any insight you have would be helpful.


Shanda said...

P.S. Thank you! :-)

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Shanda, I do freeze stuff often... casseroles, soups, bites, etc. makes life easier the following week. Meal planning helps because I can figure out the best use for a leftover ahead of time... leftover casserole may become bites (crustless quiches) or a tortilla pizza or a soup. So some things gets repurposed versus frozen.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for such a great blog. You inspired me to buy bentos for me and my toddlers. Its great to stop using a million ziplocks for their lunches. I used to pack their lunch and then I would resort to fast food during the day. Bentos have helped me pack a variety of healthy tastes for lunch and snacks at work. I bought the laptop lunchbox thru your site, and just bought 3 Planet Boxes. I'm a bento fanatic now.

amanda said...

Hey Shelly, not sure if the blog still gets $ for the link, but your above Bento link goes to a page that is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

I love your Bento photos. I love the portion sizes. So many people think 1500-2000 calories is much more than it actually is. Bentos are an excellent way to aid smart portion sizes and help maintain my 70 lb weight loss. I love quail eggs in Bentos. Your salads and other recipes are so inspiring. You should find quail eggs at a local farmers market or market grocery. Boiled quail eggs are great in salads and are so fun in Bentos.

Jackie Talamantes said...

I bought a laptop bento box. I love it. My co-workers are always excited to see what I have for lunch. I am pre op and thanks to your site I am losing some weight. Thanks for all of your wonderful information!