Emotional health post weight loss surgery

If you watched The Ricki Lake Show episode I appeared on last month you know I have some body image issues that did not go away with the 158 pounds I lost or the reconstructive post weight loss surgery plastics I have had done. I'm working on them, chipping away at years of "stuff." The emotional journey of weight loss is way harder than anything physical in my opinion. Healthy eating choices, moving my body, I've got those. The head stuff... I am a work in progress.

I haven't worn a dress in public (except Halloween costume stuff) in decades. That is until this weekend at the Obesity Action Coalition Awards Dinner. This is me chipping away...

Obesity Action Coalition President and CEO Joe Nadglowski and I

"Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member" Award

With my pal Beth (aka Melting Mama) also an award winner that night.

OK so when's the next time I can dress-up?

I would like to thank the OAC who unbeknownst to them planned an inspiring convention session on Body Image (Merrill Littleberry is awesome, friend her on Facebook) right before the dinner and my thighs would like to thank Victoria's Secret control top pantyhose. Where have you been all my life?!