Obesity Action Coalition Your Weight Matters Convention

I'm excited to head off to Dallas, Texas this week to attend the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Inaugural Convention. I first announced it back in March and it seemed so far away and now it's finally here!

The agenda is AWESOME. So many great health, weight loss, body image, surgery, fitness, obesity related topics will be covered. Thursday we'll be getting some advocacy training. It's so close to Halloween we'll be celebrating that with a party on Friday night. There is also an awards dinner on Saturday night and get this yours truly will be wearing her first dress in public since my teens. I have worn a dress as part of a Halloween costume and I think I wore a skirt once to something years ago but this is a full on, girlie, had to go buy hose, dressy dress. I'm scared. I'll snap a pic or two for proof as it may never happen again.

I'll be tweeting at the event so if you'd like to keep up with all the convention chatter and see if you'd like to attend next year. Follow me @eggface and the event hashtag #OACConvention of course I'll do a wrap-up post with stories and pictures when I get back.

Sunday some of us will be walking in the Dallas Walk from Obesity, drawing attention to obesity and the need for treatment and prevention efforts. I want to thank the AWESOME folks that donated and helped me reach my personal fundraising goal. Our team raised over $6,000.

Thank you to my ✩✩ rock star friends ✩✩ who donated already: Trish K., Elizabeth S., Cynthia R., Ellen W., Victoria W., Laura F., Rachel, L., Lois L., Pandora W., Stephanie C., Kat. L., Michael. S., Rebekah L., Leigh Ann S., DJ R., Karin P., Janice B., Becky S., Maureen C., Michele W., Jill H., Franna T., Barbara H., Erica G., Lester G., Laura J., Julie. B., Mary C., Susan S., Kelly C., Dana K., Peggy E., Rebecca C., Donna T., Coleen G., Linda P., Mandi R., Rae T., Andrea H., Catheryn E. and Lynnda S.

There's still time to donate and anyone who donates to my page (even $1) will be entered into a drawing for a mystery box of goodies. I'll pull a name from the donors on November 1st.

Well I better start packing. I have to check a bag. I hate to check but I have that aforementioned dress, a Halloween costume, sneakers and stuff for the walk as well as all my regular every day clothes. I've done nothing. I put the PRO in procrastination. Well I shouldn't say nothing, I did start getting my carry-on bag/purse filled with my must have near me at all times stuff.

I love this purse - I had a blue one exactly the same and used it forever, I still have it but it's kind of looking weathered. It fits everything computer, magazines, snacks, and some of my travel must haves...

Something that makes me feel better when hurling through the sky in a large tube made of metal. My Aura Cacia Panic Button Aromatherapy. I love this one and Chill Pill. One of those is always with me.

Breathsavers 3 hour Mints - Addicted. This 1/2 Sicilian girl never fears garlic or onions at lunch.

My Armpocket - My latest find. It's basically an armband version of a fanny pack but umm hip and cooler. It velcros around your arm so you can walk hands free and still have your phone, ID, cash, keys on you just in case.

The little window lets you access your phone screen for changing songs or checking the time. It's been great on my nightly walks. I'll be using it on this Sunday's Walk from Obesity. There's surprisingly a lot of room in it so would be great for a longer hike as you could probably get a baggie of almonds or a protein bar in there too.

I've got some snacks - an Apple Pie Quest Protein Bar and a Premiere Titan Oatmeal Raisin protein cookie. I usually bring a blender ball shaker with protien packets but a little bird told me Chike Nutrition will be passing out shake samples so between them and Celebrate Vitamins who will be there too with their yummy ENS I think I'll be good to go in the protein department. I might add a baggie of raw almonds or crunchamame.

Reading material. I love one of the cover articles. "Eat healthy & Love it" Yup. Every day! My "As Seen on TV" Coin Purse. My Lauren's Hope Medical ID, Blistex, Sunglasses and various other stuff I must have with me at all times.

OK off to pack.

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