National Bullying Prevention Month - Challenge Wrong

Dear ________ (a store in my mall, that will remain nameless, for now)

I'm writing to you today to ask that a particular product you are displaying in your window at your Temecula Promenade Mall location be removed from view and hopefully not stocked again. The following sign greeted me this morning as I walked into the mall.

Bias stigmatization obesity weightbias

Obesity is no laughing matter. Obesity is a chronic disease that affects the health of more than 67% of adults in the United States, nearly 32% of American children are affected by overweight or obesity. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. People are dying.

Below the sign in your store window making fun of "fat people" was a poignant piece of art about cancer survivors. We wouldn't make art making fun of those battling cancer, diabetes or any other disease. Why is it that society seems to think that obesity is fair game? It's not OK.

I, myself was once diagnosed with obesity and just a few short years ago couldn't have walked the length of our mall without a struggle. Today, I celebrate the fact that I walked the entire mall and then some. Sadly, I was greeted by that sign.

Please help recognize and support National Bullying Prevention Month by removing that hideous sign.

Thank you,
Michelle Vicari

cc: Temecula Promenade Mall

I love my mall. When I first had surgery I took it as a personal accomplishment when I was finally able to walk the length of it without stopping to take a breather on a bench. It hurt me to pass this sign this morning. All we can do is chip away at this stuff when we see it. Hopefully, they will remove it and maybe gain a little understanding into our plight.

*UPDATE: Good news I received a reply from the store: "Michelle, The signs have been removed from the store. Thanks for calling it to our attention."  I'm heading to the mall later today so I'll be able to see for myself :) as of  10/8/12: It's gone :) Thank you.