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Sugar free syrups come in a variety of brands - Torani, DaVinci, Monin, Starbuck's. I prefer Torani and Starbuck's. They seem to have less of an after taste - it's a personal preference. DaVinci does have some interesting flavor choices (like Toasted Marshmallow and Cookie Dough too) but they are harder to find in my area. Most are sweetened with Splenda. So a ton of flavor for 0 calories or carbs. Can't beat that!

Where do I buy them? Locally I've bought them at the supermarket (coffee aisle), Cost Plus World Market, BevMo Beverages & More, Smart & Final, random bottles at TJ Maxx, online you can buy them through

How do I use them? I add my syrups to protein shakes, desserts, Protein Ice Cream, Fage yogurt, ricotta cheese, SF cocoa, cream cheese, iced tea, lemonade, steamed "milk" (I'm a soy girl but you could use the real stuff), protein balls, oatmeal, and of course in coffee and coffee drinks.

Click on the links above and below to see some recipes I make using SF syrups.

Sugar Free Torani flavors

SF Almond
SF Almond Roca
SF Black Cherry
SF Brown Sugar Cinnamon
SF Classic Caramel
SF Caramel
SF Chocolate
SF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
SF Chocolate Macadamia Nut
SF Coconut
SF English Toffee
SF French Vanilla
SF Gingerbread
SF Classic Hazelnut
SF Hazelnut
SF Irish Cream
SF Lemon
SF Lime
SF Mango
SF Orange
SF Peach
SF Peanut Butter
SF Peppermint
SF Pumpkin Pie
SF Raspberry
SF Red Raspberry
SF Strawberry
SF Vanilla
SF Vanilla Bean
SF Watermelon
SF White Chocolate

Sugar Free Starbucks flavors

Cinnamon Dolce
Caramel (Discontinued 2015)
Hazelnut (Discontinued 2015)
Mocha (Seasonal)
Peppermint (Seasonal)

At Starbuck's just ask at the counter they don't usually have the bottles out for sale but they do sell them if they aren't running low.


Sarah said... I just need a milk steamer!!!

Michelle said...

I have this espresso machine so I use the steam wand

but really you could just heat the milk and whip it a bit with one of these

and it's waaaaay cheaper.

yellichic said...

please enter me to win these wonderful syrups!
Danielle Sterling

and if im doing this in the wrong spot, let me know! newbie here, wink!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Welcome :) but yep wrong spot Danielle... leave your entry on the contest blog entry

audra said...

Just love your recipes for the coffee protein shakes-changed my world! Love your website!!!!!

audra said...

Love the coffee shake recipes - changed my world!!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your page Hubs and I will be having the Sleeve procedure soon.
I just wanted to let you know Torini is sold at Cost Plus World Markets