Sometimes things fly by

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I'm purse obsessed. Have no fear it's not a transfer addiction I was purse obsessed pre-op too. So it doesn't count. I buy too many and my Mum and I also make them for fun.

Here's our latest tote creation. The Bird Bag part of the "Things fly by" series. Remember my absolute favorite owl bag was number one. We are currently working on the third in the series. I'll share it next week sometime.

The title of the series is a joke my Mum and I share. Years ago I was at this Chinese Buffet in San Diego (will remain nameless). I made my selections from the steam table and sat down to feast. As I raised my fork I noticed a winged creature looking back at me and upon further examination I noted several winged creatures. I of course walked over to the manager with my plate and shared with her my discovery. Her response: "Ahhh yes sometimes things fly by."

So yeah I left.