Mind numbing pain

This is a public service announcement: Drink your water.

If you've ever had a kidney stone attack I don't need to say anything more you completely understand the night of hell I just endured. If you haven't lets put it this way I can't imagine pain greater if I was a Filet Mignon and a pack of hungry dogs got a hold of me. We're talking mind numbing pain.

I've been slacking on my water lately and sure enough last night as my urine output began to cease to a drip and the familiar lower flank pain was starting I knew I had brought this on myself. I planted myself in the bathroom where I writhed in pain and puked for the next 12+ hours. I'm just starting to emerge now.

So yeah drink your water.


tniagirl said...

I am so sorry. I have a short history of stones (w/in last year). I had a kidney stone blocking my ureter and causing a kidney infection, that sent me to the ER just 2 weeks after my sleeve surgery. I thought I was going to die. All better now.
Hope you are, too!

Deedee said...

I've not experienced kidney stones, thankfully, but when I went for my pre-op tests and couldn't pee and they couldn't get my blood, I was reminded how important hydration is, indeed!!!

Elinor said...

I've never had a kidney stone but I've had a few bladder infections. Not fun! I'm having my sleeve surgery May 7th and have worked out a system for making sure I drink my fluids: I have 4 16oz. plastic bottles. I fill them every morning with filtered water from my fridge and then put them inside. They're numbered, too. As I empty them, they go on the counter. When I'm out of bottles, I'm good! I pour the water over ice, which is a bonus as it melts. It's all filtred water so it tastes good. I can put flavors in it if I want, too. :-)