Pancakes for Breakfast: White Chocolate Raspberry

A day that starts with pancakes is always a good day. Here's a healthy breakfast recipe that would be great in soft food stage as they are super tender/soft and protein packed...

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Shelly's White Chocolate Raspberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese (I use pre-mixed cottage cheese with pineapple)
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix, dry
12-15 Fresh Raspberries
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Raspberry Jam (I use Smucker's Simply Fruit), nuked

Whiz in mini food processor. Spray pan with nonstick spray. Cook on low till bubbles appear, press 2 halved raspberries into each pancake, flip. Cook till done. Nuke SF Raspberry Jam for 25 seconds so it drizzles well. Serve each pancake with a drizzle of warmed jam and more fresh raspberries. Makes 4 small pancakes (pictured) or 8 silver dollar size.

These are very tender pancakes so smaller is better for flipping. They won't get any style points but they taste yummy. You could also do 1/2 cottage cheese, 1/2 ricotta cheese or all ricotta cheese (a little firmer)

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