I will never learn.

I should have applied sunscreen. Rock Lobster down down down.

Despite my current painful condition it was a fun day. Crashing waves, good tunes, tasty snacks, fun exercise, fed the squirrels despite the new fancy sign saying it's against the law. Yeah. whatever. I'm a rebel.

Here's some photos...

It was 95 and breezy hence the wilder than usual wild mane.


Shelly said...

Michelle - what are you doing in a sweater, its 95 degrees out. Don't be afraid to show off your body that you worked so hard to get.

Michelle said...

LOL I know huh... it's actually a shirt but I know what you are saying. I still cover-up at the beach. I don't think I'll ever do bare arms. I'll need some sort of therapy for that one I'm sure. I figure I'll be comfortable when I've lived in this body as long as I lived in the bigger version of me.