5 Things

Five things on my To-Do list today:

Plant heirloom tomato plant I bought this weekend at the Farmer's Market.
Bake experimental protein cookie batch number 4.
Find someone to eat batches 1-3 ;)
Survive the 95 degree heat (yes that's not a typo 95!!)
Make my Italian Bean Salad.

Three of my bad habits: (I thought this was a 5 thing?)

Mouth like a Sicilian chick from New York.
I put the Pro in Procrastination.
I get easily annoyed.

Five places I’ve lived:

New York.
In the state of denial.
By my wits.
On the edge.

Five jobs I’ve had:

Carousel Operator.
Political Lobbyist.
Curriculum Director of a Child Care Center/Private School.
Support Staff for Obesityhelp.com.

Five books I’ve recently read:

Probably a cookbook (I collect them.)

Five people or communities I’m going to tag:

Anyone who has time to kill and the inclination.

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