Yummy find: Comfort Bars

Went to my local organic market with my pal Becky the other day and picked up one of these bars. They come in three flavors: Italian Chocolate Orange Almond, Italian Chocolate Vanilla Almond, White Chocolate Cherry Chip. Italian what? Right there you knew I had to try them. I tried it that night. The next morning I went back got all the flavors and ordered a box.

Wow! Seriously yummy. I'm loving them.

The WC Cherry Chip tastes like ice cream and the Italian Chocolate Orange and Vanilla Almond remind me of the Italian almond nougat candy I ate as a kid (Torrone). Sooooo good. Besides being tasty they are really filling and keep you satisfied for a long time.

Here's the scoop...

Comfort Bar's have 15g of lactose free protein
180 calories (low fat, low sodium)
No artificial sweeteners/No sugar alcohols
Sweetened with organic agave (lower Glycemic Index than honey or sugar)
No gluten, no wheat
No trans fats
No palm kernel oil, no glycerin
5g of inulin fiber which creates more healthy flora (aids in digestion)
6% of your daily iron

The creator is a very cool Italian chick named Gina who has been in the health food industry for over 20 years and she believes in quality. You can tell because these rock. They aren't made with cheap ingredients (imported fair trade chocolate, real fruit, quality protein) so the price per bar reflects that at around $2.50 but you get what you pay for. This doesn't taste like a 99 cent bar. You know what I'm saying.

Check out the comfort bar site to find retailers in your area.


michelmoba said...

if they are as good as you say.... I might have to ask you to ship me a box, cuz they arent sold in the NE - arrrgh!. I'm gonna check out my Trader's Joe this weekend (fingers crossed) - Michelle

Michelle said...

Bummer. They are scary good. My TJ's doesn't carry them but I did see this page on the site that you can print out and give to the manager of your local health food/organic type market and then can stock them:


Hope it helps,

Vicki said...

I am so "lame" according to the oracle. I agree with you about the CEO's, they can be so wrong about what people want. Love your website - it has been an inspiration to me about what I can eat after I have surgery.

debby said...

I love to shop at www.wholeandnatural.com. They have all kinds of healthy and natural kosher food and snacks. The stuff is fresh and low prices.
btw I used a coupon bldc08 try it

anewbecboo said...

I LOVE them too sweetie!!! They ROCK!!! No protein taste at all, only yummy goodness!!!
Where did you order a box? From Sprouts? I was in Temecula today with a friend (too last minute to call you) and bought 2 boxes worth. I gotta find the places in SD that sell them!
miss you sweetie! love and hugs, Becky

partylitegirl said...

You can also buy the comfort bars through The comfort bar website.
We are an online affiliate (The Oaks at Ojai-Destination Spa in Ca.)Just go to her site http://www.comfortbar.com/flavors.html and click the link on the lower right hand side that says: "order from our online affiliate"
Hope this helps!
Holly in Ojai

Sabyl said...

Just found your blog and have been saving your recipes all evening. I am a recent post-op of a slightly different bypass procedure, the DS, but your recipes look amazing and also DS appropriate.

I am curious about the Comfort Bars but there is nowhere selling them close to where I live.

If you are willing to send me a sample of one of each kind I would even pay you $4 each so you make some profit. I just hate to buy a box of something so expensive and find out I hate it or can't tolerate it.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thanks. Did see this page on the site that you can print out and give to the manager of your local health food/organic type market and then can stock them: