It's Pancake Lover's Day!

It's Pancake Lover's Day! I love pancakes. I make mine high protein and low carb. Sometimes sweet and sometimes savory. Here's a roundup of a few favorite blog recipes...

Shelly's Bruschetta Pancakes
Ricotta Pancakes with No Sugar Added Chia Jam
Savory Onion Ricotta Mini Pancakes with Smoked Salmon
Shelly's Variety Pancakes Bites
Shelly's Sand Dollar Churro Pancakes
Shelly's Ricotta Pancake Breadless Sandwiches
Shelly's Pistachio Pancakes
Shelly's Baked Raspberry Pancake (Clafoutis)
Shelly's Blueberry Cannoli Pancakes (IHOP healthified)

Find even more here and here.

The other day I was thinking about a movie I watched when I was a kid on one of those old metal projectors (am I dating myself?!) it was the late 70's (I graduated High School in 1989) anyway... I loved it... and because you can find EVERYTHING now on the Internet. I found it and watched it. It's sort of Halloweeny. Winter of the Witch. A single mom and her son move into a creepy old house with a witch that makes magic psychedelic pancakes. Anyway if you have 22 minutes and nothing to do. Not sure why they felt the need for us to watch it in elementary school but this may explain things about me ;)


Catiekk said...

OMG Shelly, that movie is hysterical! Love Hermione! Dumb movie and you're right, what was the point? Watch those blueberries, they are the devil's work! :)

Thx for all you do.

Kathy Sinnard said...

Happy Pancake day! I loved the pumpkin spice muffins so much that I used some of the Big Train Chai and pumpkin pie torani in your basic pancake recipe. The result was great. Topped it with your cheese filling. Thank you for all you do to help us keep on track. Kathy

Karsey McMillen said...

Made the Carrot cake ricotta pancakes this morning, OMG delicious!
Thank you

Peter Clarke said...

I really enjoy your site - thanks.
I recently tried your ricotta pancakes, and it's just too rich for my new belly.
So, I tried to make this with cottage cheese - and they are really good - just not as rich.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Peter Clarke, I often use cottage cheese to or a combo of cottage ricotta (cottage harder to flip so ricotta adds some stability)

Katt said...

Hey Shelly, do the ricotta pancakes need to be refrigerated? How long will they last?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Yes, refrigerate any leftovers and they will be great for several days... cold or reheat.