My Big Fat Greek Yogurt

If you haven't tried Fage Greek Yogurt you need to. I know you are thinking it's yogurt what's the big deal about yogurt? Seriously seek it out. I'm not a yogurt person (a texture thing) and I love it. I buy the plain 2% Fage yogurt available at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Sprouts, some better Supermarkets - the 7 oz. container has 130 calories, 17 g. protein, 8 carbs. Yeah uh huh 17 grams of protein. So now you know why I like Fage. Show me other yogurts with those stats. They also have a 0% version (lower in fat) and a Total (slightly higher). They have flavors too (pre-op I loved the honey) but steer clear of these (higher in sugar).

OK, I found it. Now what do I do with it?

Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt. It's pretty darn close to sour cream in texture and taste so anything you would use sour cream on you could replace with Fage (baked potatoes, tacos, dips). I use Fage to make Tzatiki which is a Cucumber Yogurt Dip. I use Tzatiki to dip Kabobs, Burgers, Fish, Veggies it keep things moist and sliding in the right direction which is always a good thing. I make other savory dips with it too and those boxed Knorr Dips are great with Fage.

Lately I've been using Fage in Chicken Salad and Crab Salad substituting it for 1/2 the mayo called for. The salads taste lighter and fresher with that combo and heck it's added protein versus the fat of mayo.

As a breakfast or dessert it's awesome. Add Sugar Free Torani Syrups to sweeten and flavor it and then add things like: sliced Fruit (frozen fruit defrosted works great), Granola, Toasted Nuts and Seeds, Unsweetened Coconut, or Flax Cereal.

Some of my favorite combos are defrosted frozen Strawberries and Granola or Pineapple, a Tablespoon of SF Torani Coconut Syrup and unsweetened Toasted Coconut. I recently discovered Pomegranate (removed from the fruit - all the messy work done) in the refrigerator section of Trader Joe's and had them sprinkled on my Fage with a Tablespoon of SF Vanilla Torani.

Fage = Good Stuff.

Be sure to check out what my friend Peter does with it. Great ideas with a video and he's easy on the eyes too.

Here's my latest favorite way to use it: Shelly's Pesto Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Looks like I have a two post Greek theme going on.