Fresh veggies and an invasion

It was a long night. I worked at my two jobs back to back. Finished at 6 am and went to Starbucks. I grabbed my favorite Tall SF Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte, No Whip and waited for the Farmer's Market to set up.

I got a great haul as usual and I'm excited to try a few new recipes. So watch for those and of course corresponding food porn. Here's what I'll be working with:

Eggplant, Avocado, Apples (Mine are few and far between now but it was a damn good year), Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Leeks, Red & Yellow Onions, Heirloom Garlic, Tomatoes, and that's an Austrian Fruit Bread for my Mom.

Not pictured are the Turkish Burgers I picked up for tonight's dinner. I knew I wouldn't want to cook anymore today after working (I help my friend, a caterer) last night... this morning, whatever. So tonight's dinner is Turkish Burgers courtesy of the cool Turkish man and his super sweet daughter who work the market and I'll just make a Tomato and Feta salad on the side.

I stopped at the supermarket too and got a few more things (best of which was a 98 cent Cauliflower and some gorgeous Pears) and then went home. I took a pic of my stash. Put everything away and went to bed.

I had trouble falling asleep because I was so tanked up on espresso but finally did. About 3 hours later I flew out of bed. I thought my house was under attack. Windows shaking, hideous intense noise. Three of those huge military helicopters you know the kind with two propellers buzzed my house. After the drama I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't happening. I gave up. Darn it and I was having an awesome dream too don't you hate when that happens and there's no getting back into the dream. They couldn't have buzzed my house when I was having one of those I'm being chased dreams... noooooo.

I do have some exciting news... next week is my first plastic surgery consult. It's funny I'm more worked up about this than my RNY. All fluttery and nervous. Thankfully once again I will have someone in my immediate family going first as my sister's PS (she had RNY in 2004) is this month. I had two RNYers and now a PS person so I get to vicariously live it before I do it. My guinea pigs. Well technically I've had PS before I just don't remember it... I ripped my top lip off. The abridged version: 3 years old. I was running with a little branch stick thing. Tripped over a plant pot. Stick meet lip. Lots of blood & guts. You can't tell they did a great job reattaching it.

OK now that I've grossed you out. I'll leave you.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.