Fun and informative weekend

Friday I got a call moving my plastic surgery consultation appointment time on Saturday up a 1/2 hour and since I was already pushing it for time I decided I better really sit down and figure out which train I need to catch to get down there on time. Well I'm so glad I checked because there was NO train service from LA to San Diego this weekend due to track repairs. That would have so sucked if I found that out Saturday morning.

Plan B

My Mom and I made a little weekend out of it. We decided to drive down the night before. Friday night we went to Seaport Village.

If you visit San Diego, Seaport Village is a traditional stop. At the waters edge over by the popcorn booth look for the zen-tastic mesmerizing rock man who balances rocks on top of each other creating very cool temporary sculptures. He's not always there but Friday night we lucked out and he was.

I had a wow at Seaport Village. I weighed myself on one of those huge outdoor everyone walking by can see giant display scales and I wanted to shout, "Hey everyone come on over and see!!!" I used to cringe just walking by a scale like that.

We walked across to Market Street and ate dinner at Kansas City BBQ (they filmed a scene from Top Gun in the bar). They sell ribs by the piece BTW. Yummy.

Saturday we parked the car, took the trolley to the border and walked across. We grabbed a taxi to Cosmed and was there with plenty of time to spare. Much better idea than being all rushed and crazed. I was thankful it worked out that way.

So the consult went well... Dr. Quiroz is really nice (umm and easy on the eyes too.) He thoroughly explained everything and answered all my questions. I'm impressed.

Looks like I need: a Lower Body Lift with a little fat grafting added to my butt, an Arm Lift, Breast Lift (w/ or w/out augmentation I have to decide if I'm satisfied with B's or want something more) and an Inner Thigh Lift (not this first round though) He doesn't know whether he can do all three surgeries (LBL, arms, and breasts) at the same time. It will depend on my labs and his discussions with my surgeon (they went to college together). He wants to know if I was a bleeder. I don't believe I am. I can have the surgery as early as October if I can get the $$ together. Wow.

Any thoughts on the boobs??? the male perspective is especially welcome. I was a little shocked at what I would be without implants (from a DD to a B) I expressed my concern to the Dr. "I've always been a big boobed girl" to which he said, "No Michelle that was fat. You were a fat boobed girl." I had to laugh at that. He also said he was excited to do my surgery because so many people come to him not having taken full advantage of wls and still have a lot of weight to lose and instead they just want the rest cut off. He was happy at where I was and said my results would be pretty dramatic. That was nice to hear.

I felt much better after meeting with the Dr. I've been really nervous and edgy about having PS. I guess I've been feeling that I have been so lucky and blessed to have had a complication free RNY surgery I worry that I am tempting fate by going under the knife for this elective surgery. I realize that technically my RNY was elective (hell especially since I was a self pay) but with RNY I felt like I had no choice. I already had so much going wrong carrying around that much weight was killing me. RNY was a necessary lifesaving procedure in my mind. I know it sounds crazy that I was ok with having my intestines rerouted and stomach severed but freaking out over a little nip & tuck. This surgery is different. I'm feeling good and healthy now and I'm going to go under the knife on purpose?!? Should I just learn to deal and look at the extra skin as punishment from my former life of excess? Is the skin of my fat body my penance? (LOL can you tell I was raised Catholic ;) masters of guilt)

Well... I spoke with my coworkers the other day and had a funny conversation with my BF Barbara today. They reminded me that in addition to the physical problems excess skin can (and is) causing. I will be helping my emotional health. I will share with you guys that despite my -140 pounds lost I still look in the mirror at my sharpei belly, tube sock boobs and bat wings and feel like a fat girl. Now I don't want to be a bikini girl that's not my goal. I just want to feel good when I look in the mirror. I want to fit into the right size pants and not have to buy a size bigger for my leftover skin. I want to blow dry my hair after a shower and not get scared that someone is coming up behind me... oh wait that's only my bat wings flapping in the breeze. I want my girls back. I miss my boobs! I have decided that my emotional health is what is at stake now and I need to do this for the sake of that. This plastic surgery is a necessary final step in this incredible journey. I'll just send up a prayer that I have as good a recovery as my RNY.

Back to the weekend...

After my consult I went to the lab downstairs and had blood drawn, peed in a cup, you know the drill. We headed out to find my elotes. I figured they would have a seller by the border but they didn't :( plenty of tacos, melon, fruit drinks, popsicles, churros, horchata... but no elotes. So we crossed back into the US. They thankfully let my non-US citizen Mom back across and we jumped on the trolley again.

Hungry we decided to stop and eat lunch downtown at my favorite restaurant. If you are ever in San Diego head down to the Gaslamp and eat at Bandar. We had my favorite dish Chicken Barg. I would seriously choose this as my death row meal. We split this and still had enough leftovers for dinner. They even let me have 1/2 salad (I don't do rice). So good.

We jumped back on the trolley and picked our car back up where we left it. I stopped at a few stores I love near where I used to live (got a great sweater) and then drove home. I crashed early last night and slept in this morning.

What a weekend! I was totally wiped out from it all so if you've emailed, called or PM'd me I apologize for the lack of response yet.

Today has been low key... gonna BBQ in a bit. I'm making my elotes BTW and a ground beef kabob. I'll FP and blog the recipe tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Highlights of the weekend:

* Spending time with my Mom. We had a great time.

* I have some answers.

* Oh the big scale at SV said I've lost another pound since Tuesday's weigh-in.

Listening to: "Drops of Jupiter" Train

Mmmmm.... "best soy latte that you ever had and meeeeeeee."