Jury Duty

Well my number was up today I got called for jury duty. Last year when I received the dreaded jury notice I called in each evening and never ended up going into the courthouse. Not this time. Last night I dutifully called in and heard "Eggface you must report at 7:30 a.m." Errrr I had plans darn it.

I woke up early and made myself a yummy breakfast to start my icky day right. A big dollop of Fage Yogurt to which I mixed in a Tablespoon or so of Starbuck's SF Cinnamon Dolce Syrup (yep they sell it just go to the counter and ask to buy a bottle it's about $6) and topped it with walnuts that I toasted in a pan with a teaspoon of oil and a dash of cinnamon. Finally I drizzled a little agave nectar on top. Yum! I stopped at Starbucks on the way and got my Tall SF Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte. More cinnamon goodness. It's one of the world's healthiest foods BTW.

Then off to the courthouse where I spent the day sitting in a freezing cold room, drinking vending machine coffee with powdered creamer, reading year old magazines, listening to people sniffle and snort (hello?!? blow already), and hoping my name wasn't called. We have this 1 day, 1 trial deal in California so basically if you sit around all day and don't get picked for a trial you are done.

Round one: a case with possible service till October 19th. OMG NO!!! That is not in my plans for the next few weeks. I have body parts to have lopped off. Whew... 30 names called and not mine.

Round two: 65 names being sent on a 1 hour drive to another courthouse in the sticks of our county. Ummm yeah you guessed it I was called. Thankfully I was dropped off this morning and didn't have a vehicle at the courthouse. Ha! Score! Name goes back in the pot.

Lunch break: the vending machine weight loss surgery friendly choices were ummm beef jerky and ummm beef jerky. I got... you guessed it! The beef jerky. I always have a trusty bag of crunchy cheese in my purse so I ended up having a 16 g. protein "lunch" if you can call it that.

We all come back from lunch to more sitting and waiting and finally the happy news that we were free to go. Civic duty fulfilled. Rock on.

Highlights of the day:

* Today was weigh-in day and the big Seaport Village scale that I weighed on said I had lost 1 pound well it really was 2. Woot.

* Jury duty wasn't too hideous. I did chat with a few cool people and ;) borrowed a magazine that has a yummy recipe in it I will try later this week.

* Mmmm dinner is done... leftover Chicken & Eggplant Bake from last night. I tried it with Japanese eggplant this time. Equally as yummy. If you are jonesing for Italian food make this.

Listening to: "All For Love" Nancy Wilson. I watched "Say Anything" on TBS the other night. I love that movie.