Labor Day Weekend Wrap-up

I melted. It was over 105 degrees for 5 days in a row. I basically sat in front of the fan trying to put back the liquids quicker than I was sweating them out. I hoped that at least I'd see a significant change in the scale since I was living in Mother Nature's sauna all weekend but sadly only a pound was lost. Hey a pound lost is better than a pound gained. Right?

I was also taunted by the jingle jangle of the ice cream truck who passed my house like 70 times this weekend. I have the strangest neighborhood ice cream truck. His recently played songs: "In your Easter Bonnet" "Jingle Bells" and "La Cucaracha" (if you no se habla espanol that would be... "The Cockroach") Mmmmm, how appetizing for a food service vehicle.

I BBQ'd a lot this weekend. Chicken Kabobs, Corn, Steaks. I didn't take food porn I just ate it. I've FP'd those before nothing new or exciting. I am making Greek Moussaka tonight so I'll be sure to take some FP and post the recipe. Check back tomorrow.

Highlights of the weekend:

* I survived.

* My cats survived. They hate the heat. At 16 & 17 years old and in a fur coat who could blame them. Below my cat Rosie getting tanked on dregs in an old coffee can.

* Johnson's Foot Soap (Walmart) buy it you'll like it. Your feet will thank me.

Listening to: "The Boys Of Summer" Don Henley