Casseroles and Karma

I made a "Comfort Food" casserole Thursday and I'm just getting around to blogging it.

I was having a bad day... headache, life in general and I needed something warm. Yeah, yeah, I know... you shouldn't seek comfort in food but it wasn't a donut it was a casserole. I basically adapted my Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole recipe to use what I had on hand.

Shelly's Cheesy Chicken & Veggie Bake

1 cup chopped Broccoli, steamed
1 cup Carrots, steamed
1/2 yellow Onion, chopped
2 boneless skinless Chicken Breasts, sliced into 1" pieces
1 Teaspoon Oil
1/2 cup Sour Cream
1 can of Cheddar Cheese Soup
1/2 cup Mexican Cheese blend
dash Chili Powder
Salt & Pepper to taste
10 Ritz Crackers
1 Teaspoon Poppy Seeds
1 Tablespoon Butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Steam broccoli and carrots and set aside. Saute onions till golden. Remove from pan. Saute chicken in a teaspoon of oil until golden and cooked through. Add broccoli, carrots and onions to pan. Mix sour cream, soup, and cheese together and pour over. Stir to coat. Salt & pepper and chili powder to taste. Pour into a casserole dish. Crumble crackers in a Ziploc baggie, add poppy seeds and sprinkle mixture over the top of chicken. Melt 1 Tablespoon of butter in the microwave. Drizzle melted butter evenly over crackers. Bake 30 minutes, until crackers are golden brown.

You could eliminate the topping if you wanted to make it even lower in carbs but 10 crackers spread out over the whole casserole is even OK in my carb-o-phobe handbook.

So I ate this and watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and all was temporarily right with the world. Word to the wise do not go on and look up a wretched nasty girl you used to go to school with. If they have a seemingly better life than you (loving husband, huge house, three cute kids) it can throw you into a funk. A quick IM exchange with my pal Sarah reminded me however that what looks good on paper (or in this case the net) isn't always reality. After all those three little cuties could have three different "baby daddies", the house... repo'd, and the loving husband... secretly gay.

I'm sure my Karma points went down for that but she really was a wretched human being. You'll have to trust me on this ;)


Tara said...

Dear Michelle,
I don't know why you are in a funk, and I don't know you very well, however, I CAN tell you that when I felt like I was gnna die (oh about 1000 times so far) and I was in a huge depression - a woman from across the US saved my droopy ass. When I am puking up water, and think OMG I need something to hang on to I read your blogs. You are very needed in this world, and very valued.
I have 4 lovely children, and one pretty lovely spouse and they didnt fill the emptiness or ease the terror of this trip I have taken like you did.
(And seriously, would you wanna share the remote EVERY waking moment, listen to petty arguments about sponge bob, and hear/smell farts and burps from the graying old man sleeping next to you? ( ok, this is an irritated, my husband ate CASHEWS in bed next to me last night rant)
Please don't ever feel undervalued in this world. To this humble soul in Michigan, you ( and your porn...gotta have that food porn) are worth our old weights in gold.

Michelle said...

Thank you for that Tara :) I'm so glad you found comfort in reading the blog. It helps to relate to others that have been there and lived through it... the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well most days I enjoy riding the wave of my life and where it has taken me and will continue to take me but errr the other day. You know I thought where is this karma thing. Thank you for reminding me the "other side" isn't always greener.

Jenspen said...

OMG, you made me laugh! I am sooooo right there with you! Thank you for all the great info and FP!

Sarah said...

I found someone I went to school with on Classmates...they had a lovely hick written blurb about how she is just fine with her life, some might think she is uneducated, etc but she's o.k. Errr, I *heart* the mentality of my hometown. NOT! Glad I escaped.

Sarah said...

Oh yea!!! Cream of Cheddar soup...I got that