Encyclopedia of Me

I'm going to blog an Encyclopedia of Me - both a Fat Chick and Post Gastric Bypass version. So in the coming weeks you will see posts like "A is for..." and on the 26th post "Z is for..."

My posts will be different random topics, links or pictures that somehow relate to my former fat chick life and my post gastric bypass life and at the end I should have something similar to Amy Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I spotted this idea in crafting blog and they did things like "K is for Knitting" but I figured I'd give it a little former fat chick slant.

If my description is not clear I'm sure once I do a few you will see where I am headed with this. I probably won't do them everyday as I have other things to ramble about and recipes and food porn ;) to post too but I will do them in order. I'll make a tag so if you want to see the whole list after the 26th post you can scroll to the bottom of this page and click on A to Z.


Scott O'Neal said...

Michelle, By George I think your on to some-ting! My wife is 13 weeks out and has lost 72 lbs. At my son's football game Sat., she claimed her azzbones hurt also. So...I can't wait to see "B". Have a great week!

Tara said...

Loved the new idea. can't wait to read them. Only 38 lbs down 3 weeks out of RNY so assbones aren't an issue yet, can't wait for that either...lol I started back to school for masters (social work) though and am terrified of "S", (those stupid seats with the tray tables attached.)

Michelle said...

Thanks Scott! You too.

Michelle said...

Hey Tara, Congrats on returning to school. Oh those desks with chairs attached are hideous. My entire college years I would go to class an hour early in order to pick out the roomiest seat. Some classrooms I knew I just couldn't take a class in.

Yep I love all the "new" bones except that one but I'll deal with it ;)

Kayla said...

I heard about this book at a Scrapbooking event. I started my book basics, but never added anything to it. I've been meaning to make my master list and add pics to each page. How funny I should be reminded about it on my favorite blog. Thanks M