Happy and Healthy St. Patrick's Day

Whether you are Irish, of Irish descent or like me Irish-for-the-day here's a few recipes and ideas to celebrate healthily and get your green on this St. Patrick’s Day...

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Shelly's Shamrock Protein Shake
Shelly's Avocado Deviled Eggs
Shelly's Broccoli Fritters with Garlicky Greek Yogurt Dip
Shelly's Ricotta Cheese Pistachio Pancakes
Shelly's Awesome Guacamole & Shrimp Cocktail
Shelly's Irish Avocado Dip
Shelly's Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Ice Cream
Shelly's Mini Pistachio Protein Muffins

and I had to christen my new Keep Calm and Shamrock On glass (found at JoAnns)

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Shelly's Shamrock-on Pistachio Protein Shake

8 oz. Milk (any cow, soy, almond, coconut)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar-Free Pistachio Pudding Mix, dry
a few Ice Cubes
optional: a few drops Green Food Coloring

Whiz in blender on high. I topped mine with No Sugar Added Homemade Whipped Cream and a few nonpareils.

Shelly's Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream
1 Tablespoon Sugar-Free Torani Syrup (any flavor will do)

Whisk till well combined. Every batch I make a new flavor: SF Vanilla, SF Coconut, SF Almond, if you want pink cream SF Raspberry is great. Fill whipping cream to the fill line of the whipper. Screw on the top. Insert the CO2 cartridge till it empties, unscrew that. Put the nozzle on, shake a few times and squirt away. It makes a ton, store it in the fridge for up to 10 days just give it another few shakes before squirting. Great on berries, protein shakes and smoothies, protein cake.

Need more ideas: Make a lettuce wrap, grab a handful of green grapes, make my green bean salad, good ole "ants on a log" celery sticks, cucumbers, grilled zucchini, stuffed peppers or cabbage.

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