Health and Wellness: DIY At Home Spa Day

Last weekend my Mum and I had a little at home "Spa Day." Real spas are not really an option in my world budget-wise but you shouldn't have to miss out on a little pampering just because you can't afford to splurge. Check out these ways we pampered ourselves on the cheap without ever leaving home.

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First I gathered together a few spa supplies (lotions, roller massagers, herbal neck wraps) Check the travel sample section in stores for cheap, potions and lotions to try or you can find lots of recipes on the Internet for DIY homemade face masks, hair treatments, body scrubs.

I made these Aromatherapy Neck Wraps. They are a fun DIY project that take minutes to make.

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You need:
Uncooked Rice (Supermarket Bulk Bin)
Leg Warmers (Dollar Store)
Herbs (Rosemary, Mint, Lavender) and Essential Oils
Needle and Thread

Sew one end of the leg warmers, fill about 3/4 full with rice, add a few drops of essential oils or herbs and then sew the other end. You can use knee high socks too but there's that bend in the heel area or cut the sleeve off an old sweatshirt. Hmm something else to do with your old clothes as you are losing weight.

In the winter, you can microwave the neck wrap for 30 seconds or so to make it a warm. In the summer months, they are great chilled in the fridge or freezer just put them in a gallon Ziploc bag so the aromatherapy is contained. I don't think lavender-scented frozen shrimp will be the next big culinary thing but hey who knows ;)

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Our Foot Soak Station: Plastic tub, water, Johnson's Foot Soak Powder, lotions, scrubs, Kwan Loong Oil (great for aches and pains) Oh and don't forget a towel to dry off your feet. I did and had to tiptoe inside to get one.

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Books or magazines to read, play some peaceful music or I like to meditate either with a guided meditation app or my meditation cards.

You have to have some infused spa water (aka sliced fruit in ice water.) I used orange, lime and lemon slices but berries, sliced cucumber, mint and ginger are great too.

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Our spa food: Greek Hummus Rounds

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and that yummy Edamame and Salmon Salad I make. Great use for leftover salmon or grilled shrimp. So good.

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Salmon not your thing? More salad options.

At home spa-day was a great success. It was a stress-free afternoon of pampering and healthy eats and it didn't break the bank. I highly recommend it. I'm already planning to do it again.

This would be a great idea for a pre-teen birthday party or sleepover... some nail polish in fun colors, some of those nail art pens. Maybe change the menu a bit to build your own spa salad bar or protein smoothies.