Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Yesterday's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: Had some appointments and I wanted to get a walk in. I like to exercise in the AM in the summer... so I'm sure it happens before it gets HOT. Too easy to let it slide when the temps warm up during the day. I was thankful I spent some time Sunday doing meal planning and some food prep for the week, I got up at the crack of dawn and took a couple of the Cinnamon Churro Ricotta Pancakes I had made, smeared with Almond Butter wrapped in foil and a Protein Shake in my Blender Bottle with me on my walk. Got back, showered and was out the door to my appointments feeling good about the day already. Note to self: must remember this feeling.

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Lunch: I chopped up some grilled chicken (made this Sunday too) and turned it a healthy Mexican taco bento box lunch. It was gorgeous yesterday perfect weather for lunch outside.

I'm glad I enjoyed it because it's going to be hideous weather this week I hear... triple digits and muggy. I'm going to make Protein Ice Cream and eat it sitting in front of the fan in my bathing suit and call it a day ;) I'm planning ahead a bit. I just sauteed some ground beef and onions thinking I will make a batch of my Bites (Crustless Quiches) to have on hand and maybe I'll get some salad stuff at the Wednesday Farmer's Market tomorrow if I can get away for a little bit.

Pink Box (top left): Leftover Grilled Chicken
Green Box (top right): Spicy Yogurt Dip (Plain Greek Yogurt with a few dashes of Cholula Hot Sauce)
Blue Box (bottom left): Lettuce Leaf "Taco Shells"
Orange Box (bottom right): Chocolate Chipotle Almond Quest Bar Protein "Cookies"

Ooooh these Chocolate Chipotle Almond Quest Bar cookies are soooo good. So basically you just follow my Quest Bar Cookie directions but when you take them out of the oven and press them down at the first 3 minute mark, press 1 almond in the middle too. They go back in for the final 3 minutes. Remove and give the nut another little press to make sure it's stuck like glue. I used Blue Diamond Honey Chipotle Almonds on Chocolate Brownie Quest Bars.

More Bento Box lunches, FAQ's and an Online Source for them
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Dinner: Cauliflower Pie is one of my favorite post weight loss surgery dinners. So easy and very family friendly. Eat as is or top with tomato sauce and cheese and broil till melty and bubbly. If you have a few peas or mushrooms or some random veggie (1/4 cup or so) bumping around in the fridge throw it in for a change up. I used up green onions this time.

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Snacks: Coffee including a Starbucks Grande Iced 3-pump Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte (my summer order) on the road and in the evening I cut up a Mango and made some of that yummy Spiced Chai Dip I make with Fit Frappe and my Mum and I gobbled it up while watching the Real Housewives scream about something. I needed something mindless and RH fits the bill.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Product Alert: Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey

I was given the opportunity to tell you all about a fun contest that Foster Farms is hosting. All you need to do is create a unique turkey sandwich concoction for your chance to win a luxury weekend getaway for two to the gorgeous Napa Valley or $4,000 cash. You’ll also be eligible to win weekly prizes, just for entering!

Now that's an awesome choice to get to make! And entering is easy. Snap a photo of your delicious creation before you or someone you love takes a big bite out of it and enter the pic in the Foster Farms "Don’t Call Me Basic" sandwich contest by posting the photo on Instagram. In the caption, include the list of ingredients and tag @FosterFarms and #DontCallMeBasic.

You’ll have a chance at that grand prize which includes a two-night stay for two at a Napa Valley luxury hotel, travel to/from and a gourmet picnic lunch ($4,000 value) or $4,000 cash! There are also random weekly drawings to win cool prizes like high-end panini presses and gourmet picnic basket sets too.

Entries can also be emailed to dontcallmebasic@fosterfarms.com. For all the 411 on the contest and the official Rules & Regulations, visit www.fosterfarms.com/dontcallmebasic.pdf

The new Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey is delicious, lower in sodium and has no nitrates or nitrites, no chemicals or preservatives, no hormones or steroids, and is 98% fat free. I used it to make a couple of breadless sandwich options, which you know is how I roll... get it roll, bread…. sorry, I couldn't resist. I know… stick to the recipes Michelle.

Here are a few summery sandwiches using protein-packed Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey, the low carb alternatives of lettuce and cucumber instead of bread and three fun cream cheese spreads.

Cranberry Spread - blend equal parts cranberry sauce and cream cheese.
Olive Feta Spread - blend a couple of Kalamata olives and a tablespoon or so of crumbled feta cheese into equal amount of cream cheese.
Green Chili Spread - equal parts chopped mild green chili and cream cheese.

Shelly's Turkey and Green Chili Cream Cheese Lettuce Wraps - smear each lettuce leaf with a little spread. Place a slice of Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey on top and roll-up. Voila.


Shelly's Cucumber "Sandwiches" - smear slices of cucumber with one of the cream cheese spreads, fold a piece of Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey and top with another spread smeared slice of cucumber. You can also make larger ones, just scrape the seeds from the middle of a section of cucumber and fill with turkey and spread.

Have a great sandwich idea? Download this dollar off coupon, go buy some Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey. It's available at Vons, Safeway, Raley’s, and select Albertson's and you can use it to make your original sandwich recipe. And don't forget to enter the Don't Call Me Basic sandwich contest!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

That's a wrap #YWM2015 The Your Weight Matters Convention

The week after the Your Weight Matters National Convention is always the same for me... happy, tired. nursing aching muscles including my face from smiling so much, a sore throat from talking and laughing with friends, a little melancholy (sort of like the day after Christmas) as I know it maybe a year before I see some of my new and old friends again but more than anything I am inspired, motivated and I feel armed with education and support to carry me through the coming year.

I also know I am not alone in taking on some more collective issues those of us affected by obesity face. I said this in my welcome speech: 

"There is power in our individual voices, in sharing our stories, we are not headless bodies, nameless statistics, we are people and soon to be new friends and there is even more power in coming together and raising those voices. This is one of the reasons I got involved with the OAC. I was denied weight loss surgery. I had a BMI of 54.5 I had a bunch of obesity related illnesses and while my insurance was paying for the treatment of all of those. When I was denied treatment for my obesity. I sat in my car and cried. I was sick (literally) and tired and frustrated and angry and I was alone or so I thought... after a few days of tears I started doing some research, I ended up on the Obesity Action Coalition website, I spent about 2 hours reading all the resources and I became a member before I logged off. I didn't want anyone to have to go through what I went through, crying in that parking lot. Knowing there was a group who was fighting for me for access for treatment, was educating society that obesity is more complex than pushing away from the table and jogging more, that the bias and stigma and discrimination that some of us have faced is NOT OK. It was EMPOWERING. I was excited at all the great things we can achieve together."
I am proud to be a member of the Obesity Action Coalition.

If you have been on the fence about going to an event... do it once, I promise you will be glad you did and I think you'll be hooked. Plan now for #YWM2016 August 25th-28th, 2016: Washington DC - Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Sign up for e-alerts and you'll be sure to be in the loop when room block (only $129 a night), registration, and scholarship opportunities are announced.

But back to #YWM2015 A picture tells a thousand words...

I'll be posting more pictures, info from my lunch table talks and more about the education and vendors in the coming weeks. It was an amazing weekend. Pure awesome.

Hope to see you at #YWM2016

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Off to #YWM2015 The Your Weight Matters Convention

I'm heading to the Your Weight Matters National Convention #YWM2015 this week. #YWM2015 not only marks our 4th National Convention but it also is the 10th anniversary year of the Obesity Action Coalition. For the past 10 years the OAC has been the voice of those affected by obesity through advocacy, support and education. The journey of those 10 years ultimately led to the creation of the Your Weight Matters National Convention as a way to extend the OAC’s commitment to sharing evidence-based education on weight and health and providing an opportunity for this supportive community to come together.

I can finally take the #YWM2015 Save The Date postcard off the fridge.
I am super excited and proud to be part of the Convention Planning Committee. I can't wait for everyone to experience the wonderful speakers and education in the agenda this year and especially to experience the wonderful community, reconnect with friends and make new ones! I hope many of you will be in attendance. We have record breaking numbers so I know I will get to meet many of you!! Awesome.

If you are not headed to Texas this year, please consider attending the event next year (2016 location will be announced Friday night) it really is an event not to be missed. For me... it's a way to renew my commitment to my health. It energizes me and the inspiration and motivation carries me throughout the year. Well worth the price of admission ;) I'd say.

Catch a glimpse of the fun on social media... I will be tweeting, snapping pics, maybe even taking a few videos from inside the action (and behind the scenes) so if you want to follow along be sure to follow my social media accounts:


The official hashtag is #YWM2015 if you'd like to follow along and follow the Obesity Action Coalition's tweets too.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Yesterday's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: I set up an assemble your own parfait station with Cottage Cheese, chopped Strawberries from the Farmer's Market, some of my homemade, no sugar added Raspberry and Blueberry Chia Jam, and a few of those Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds on top for some crunch.

Love these and if you have any extra make the parfaits up in plastic cups w/ some wrap on top or little containers and you'll have a quick grab and go breakfast during the week.

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Lunch: Leftovers of my Baked Bean Casserole. I love this casserole. It's packed with protein and I was craving it so much the other day I even turned on the oven for the 1 hour it takes to bake it (in a heatwave) yep, it's that yummy. I used ground turkey in it but you can use ground sausage or beef or no meat. Though that little bit of bacon on the top makes the whole dish and it gets super crispy. Grab your piece before it gets put on the table because it might disappear.

This was part of the pretty table setting from the other night. I did a Texas themed dinner in honor of heading there next week for the Your Weight Matters National Convention. If you are a reader in San Antonio (or near enough) come on down next week. If you can't do the whole 3 day event consider stopping in on Saturday. The Obesity Action Coalition in coordination with the YMCA of Greater San Antonio is hosting a Healthy Living Expo within our convention, health screenings, free samples, educational materials... all FREE. Hope to see you there. You can also still register for the whole convention on-site.

So back to the table setting... that denim pocket that held our cutlery is actually a pocket off of one of my pre-weight loss surgery pairs of jeans. My Mum and I made a ton of fun things with pieces of my clothes. My coin purse actually made an appearance on national television :)

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Dinner: I had to write the first draft of a paper (I've been procrastinating, seems like I haven't changed much from my original college years), it's due Monday so I set myself up outside to get it done and was fueled by some of this delicious Caprese-ish Salad, sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, sprinkle of salt & pepper and a drizzle of store bought pesto sauce.

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Snacks: Too much coffee, a Banana Caramel Shake made with Celebrate Vitamins new Caramel Vanilla Swirl Protein 20 (FYI Celebrate will be sampling Protein 20 at the Your Weight Matters Convention) and I experimented with another Quest Bar Cookie creation (I'll post about it later today maybe) and of course I had to sample the goods.

Shelly's Banana Caramel Shake

8 oz. Milk (I used Almond Milk)
1 scoop Celebrate Vitamins Caramel Vanilla Swirl Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Caramel Torani Syrup
dash of Cinnamon
a hunk of frozen Banana
a few Ice Cubes

Whiz on high in a blender. Top with another dash of cinnamon.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sweet Treat: Mini Protein Tarts

You know those Quest Protein bar cookies I've been obsessing over lately. Well I was thinking the same process in a mini muffin tin would make great mini tarts (or mini pie shells) that you could fill with all sorts of good stuff.

Here's the first of I'm sure many adaptations, little chocolate chip mini tarts filled with a coffee flavored cannoli type filling. Chocolate and coffee. 2 of my favorite things...

Shelly's Chocolate Chip Coffee Cannoli Cream Tarts

2 Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars
1/4 cup Ricotta Cheese
2-3 Tablespoons Coffee Protein Powder (I used Chike Nutrition High Protein Iced Coffee)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (or sweetener of choice)
a few Almonds for decorating
2 Mini Muffin pans
12 Mini Muffin liners

Place muffin liners in cups of 1 set of the mini muffin pans. Cut your Quest Bars into 6 pieces each (note: different from the cookies where I do 8.)

Place 1 piece of protein bar in each muffin liner.

Bake at 325 for 3 minutes. Remove from oven and use the empty muffin pan bottom to press the "tarts" down. Place it on top and apply even pressure. Umm use oven mitts one of the tins is hot, yes I forgot, ouch. Place the the tarts back in the oven for 3 more minutes and then repeat the muffin pan pressing process. You could use a metal spoon back too but... work quick while they are still warm, that's why I like to use the other pan to press... you do all 12 at the same time.

Allow to cool. Peel off liners when cool.

Mix ricotta, protein, syrup together till well blended and spoon a dollop of filling in each. Top with an almond. Chill in fridge. This filling is great on it's own too for breakfast.

A coconut cream pie version is going to happen this week maybe a strawberry cheesecake after that. It's a fun and sweet treat that doesn't do too much damage... don't eat all 12 ;)  I had 2 and it was more than enough.

P.S. Grab yours before your family spots them because they will have no idea it's a protein packed, healthified dessert and they will disappear.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Yesterday's healthy and delicious menu...

Breakfast: I made a batch of my Egg Bites (aka Mini Crustless Quiche) this weekend and ate the last of them. These were vegetarian. I had some leftover peas in the fridge from a dinner. Corn, beans, peas, cabbage, spinach whatever... if you have a 1/2 cup or so in a container bumping around in the fridge this is a great way to use up those leftovers.

Shelly's Cheesy Pea Bites

1/2 cup cooked Peas
1 Yellow Onion, sauteed
2 Green Onions, sauteed
5 Eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon Dill
1/2 cup Shredded Swiss Cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan, Grated
a few twists of Black Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 F. Saute onions, set aside to cool. Mix all ingredients together. Be sure onion mixture has cooled slightly before adding to egg mixture.

Spoon (I use a small ice cream scoop) into a lightly greased non-stick mini muffin tin.

Bake for 30 minutes or until centers are firm. Makes 24.

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Lunch: I'm taking a course online and I had a big project due so I set myself up outside to finish it and this yummy bento box lunch of finger foods fueled me.

Pink Box (top left): Cheese Cubes and Almonds
Green Box (top right): Cherries
Blue Box (bottom left): Ham & Turkey Cold Cut Roll Up, Pickles
Orange Box (bottom right): Vanilla Almond Crunch Quest Bar Protein "Cookies"

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Dinner: Sunday we went to the beach and to one of my favorite Farmers' Markets and I bought these really cool round baseball-ish sized summer squash, a big bag for $2.

I turned them into a sort of gratin for dinner...

Shelly's Summer Squash Gratin

3 cups-ish Summer Squash, sliced
1 Sweet Onion, sliced (Maui or Walla Walla)
1/2 cup Cooked Sausage, diced
1/2 teaspoon Oregano
Salt & a few twists of Black Pepper to taste
1/3 cup Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

Saute onion and squash till tender, add cooked sausage and seasonings. I put it all in a oven safe dish and topped it with the cheese and broil 2 minutes until cheese is gooey and golden. This was delicious. You could use any summer squash you have locally available zucchini, crookneck, patty pan.

More Eggface Healthy Italian Dishes Lots of summer squash recipes.

Snacks: Too much coffee (iced mostly it was a hot day) and for dessert a dollop of Ricotta Cheese with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of SF Maple Syrup and I dipped 1/2 a sliced peach.

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Thinking I might do another giveaway before the month is up. Watch for it ;)

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Flavor Your Adventure: Beach Day Snacks

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is grab a few snacks and find a great view to enjoy for an hour or two. It doesn't get much better than watching the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. It's an hour drive, so my Mum and I gassed up and took off to have a little 1/2 day adventure.

If you were craving something savory or sweet I had you covered. Our savory snack was: Hummus with lots of veggie dippers and Blue Diamond Salt n' Vinegar Almonds. Be sure you always have plenty of water on your adventures.

This was our view. Ahh... I could feel the stress of the week melting away with each wave.

We also made a stop at my favorite Farmer's Market. Take a look at these squash I bought...

and my favorite Reed avocados are in season...

Before heading home, we made one last stop at the ocean and ate our sweet treat... a few fresh cherries and Blue Diamond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almonds, the combo is out of this world, like a chocolate covered cherry.

I freeze the cherries the night before my adventure so they are just thawed when I'm ready to gobble them up, cold and refreshing in the summer heat.

I'm headed to a conference in San Antonio in a few weeks and keeping a tight rein on my budget till then but a 1/2 tank of gas and some snacks I can manage. I highly recommend heading off on a 1/2 day adventure... find a park, a lake, a beautiful tree to sit under, a farmers' market to poke around.

It was a perfect day... delicious snacks, fresh air and the beauty of nature, add someone you love to the mix and some great conversation and laughs... that's stuff summer memories are made of.

This “Flavor Your Adventure” post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. For more snack ideas to “Flavor Your Adventure” this summer, visit Blue Diamond Almonds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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