Cake for breakfast?!

Mmmm yep! A favorite quick breakfast is a slice of one of my 5 minute Protein Cakes toasted. Today I had a slice topped with a smear of butter but it's also great with a smear of nut butter, SF jam or just plain. Great breakfast on the go... toast, wrap in foil and you're off...

Shelly's 5 Minute Banana Protein Cake

1 Egg, beaten
3 Tablespoons Milk (I used Vanilla Soy)
2 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Caramel)
1/2 a Banana, mashed
2 Tablespoons Canola Oil
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix (I use this)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
2 Tablespoon Unsweetened Coconut (Almond Meal/Flour can be subbed)
Pinch salt
1 Measuring Cup or Microwave Safe Mug (I use a 2 cup measuring cup)

In a measuring cup or microwave safe mug, Mix egg, milk, syrup, banana, and oil and combine thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix pancake mix, coconut, protein powder, and salt. Tip dry into wet and stir till combined.

Nuke in microwave for 2 minutes*

Let it sit for 3 or so minutes (it pulls away from the sides) before tipping the cake onto a plate. Yields 4-5 slices.

*Microwave wattage varies. Mine takes 2 minutes but start with 2 minutes and add 20-second increments if needed till no liquid is seen. My microwave is getting old and cakes now take 2 minutes, 20 seconds in it.

Banana not your thing...

Try the 20 (well not quite 20 but pretty close) other flavors of Protein Cakes.

If you have whippersnappers in your life make one of these cakes with them. It's like a deluxe Easy Bake Oven cake. They think it's magic and that you are the coolest and being cool in the eyes of a child is the best kind of cool.


Diane said...

What a yummy idea for breakfast...and quick!

Anonymous said...

I made the pumpkin 5 minute cake with my two little ones and they LOVED it! I managed to only get 2 bites because they split it between themselves and finished it in one sitting. They can't wait to make more. My microwave must be really bad because it took almost 4 minutes to not have any liquid in the center.

Thank you for your great recipes! My kids enjoy cooking and eating healthier thanks to the many recipes I get from your website.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hope you enjoy it Diane!



Awww so glad they enjoyed it. You know check whether your microwave is set on high... I assumed all microwaves are factory set on high but mine was one low at first.

LOL I NEVER read manuals ;)


Shikari said...

Second time trying to make one of your cakes. This time I put it in the microwave for 2 mins exactly and used a real egg instead of that eggbeaters stuff. MUCH TASTIER!

Thanks Michelle!

Quick question though, since its made with egg, I'm assuming you don't want to put it back in the microwave to reheat... what do you do with the leftover slices? Any reheating recommendations?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Great! Yeah I'm not an egg beaters fan. No yolks makes a big difference and why lose the protein of a yolk.

I store leftovers in the fridge. I eat them cold (yummy) or toast them in the toaster or toaster over or pan. It can also be heated like a panini (grill pan or indoor grill)

inky99 said...

I just tried these yesterday and love them, this morning I toasted one, Oh My Goodness yumminess!!

Leah said...

Shelly - you're amazing. I got a recipe from Sparkpeople, and then checked out your blog. Thank you for doing the research for those of us not so good at cooking!

I am looking to try some of your recipes, I just have one question. I'm not a good cook, so I thought I'd just ask you.

My doctor wants me not to eat artificial sweeteners (stevia is ok though) due to how my body reacts to them (severe headaches, memory issues). Could I just switch out the SF Torani syrup with vanilla extract and stevia? (I guess I'm asking - is the syrup giving flavor and sweetness, or something else also?)

Thank you!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Aww Leah thanks for the lovely compliment... that might work... make up the liquid a bit with more milk or water... SF Torani is a flavored Splenda suspension so flavoring + liquid + sweetener.