Fall. Don't Fall.

70's and sunny. A gorgeous Fall day. My super cool bento box is packed and I'm off to work in the park (wifi rocks).

Pink Box (top left): Greek Beans, Sicilian & Kalamata Olives
Orange Box (top right): Roast Beef Roll ups
Blue Box (bottom left): A variety of cheeses: Swiss, Goats Milk Brie, Walnut Gouda
Green Box (bottom right): a few Nuts and Dried Apricots

Go outside if you can and enjoy some fresh air. A few deep breaths and I am a new person. Happiness is an attitude, NOT a situation. Focusing on the negative crap (we all have it) or worrying about the future doesn't change a thing in fact there is evidence stress causes us to gain weight. I know when I allow myself to get sucked in to snowball thinking I want to eat. Snowball thinking = you start with one little issue and roll it around in your mind until it becomes an avalanche of crap. Life is full of good and bad things. Focus on the good. Believe me if you opened your eyes this morning there is SOME good.

For those of you sitting and reading this feeling guilty because your weekend was full of crap eating... OK so you made a poor food choice, maybe several... You can't rewind time, so you might as well GET OVER IT. Give away the item & start planning your next healthy meal. Every new minute is a chance to start again (now learning from your mistakes is a good thing too.)

Remember: "Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town." The FIGHT is FOREVER. Keep fighting.