Pumpkin Peeps

Serving Size: 3 Sugar Free Marshmallow Pumpkin Peeps
Calories: 60

Well I finally found the Halloween Peeps. Rite Aid 99¢ a package. I found Easter Peeps a couple of years ago then last year scored Valentine Peeps but the Halloween Peeps alluded me... Life is complete ;)

If you have "issues" with sugar alcohols don't go eating 10 peeps in a sitting or you'll be "sitting" in a little room in your house all day if you know what I mean. I eat one at a sitting.

How do you like your peeps?

* Fresh and squishy out of the package
* Stale, aged also known as "Peep Jerky"
* Frozen "The Peepsicle"
* Floating in sugar free cocoa. Nom nom nom my favorite.
* Microwaved, "The Gargantuan Nuclear Peep"

The day started out like any other for this Peep...

Then something went very very wrong.

"The Gargantuan Nuclear Peep" (aka Silkwood Peep)