Happy Pesto Day!

Today is Pesto Day! Seriously it is. Google it. I'm celebrating. I love Pesto. I'm Italian, I think it's a requirement. I made a super yummy Pesto Salad for lunch. This is the kind of salad you can have in the fridge for several days it just gets better and better.

Shelly's Pesto Pea & Ham Salad

1 (12 oz. pkg) Frozen Peas, steamed & cooled
1 Cucumber, diced
3/4 cup Diced Cooked Ham
2 Mozzarella Cheesesticks, diced
2 Tablespoons (Storebought or Homemade) Pesto Sauce
Kosher Salt to taste
a few twists of Black Pepper

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate for a several hours till cold.

Here's a bunch of weight loss surgery friendly ways you can celebrate...

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Tara said...

I think I'm in love... I need to put this date on my calendar. I LOVE pesto!

Anonymous said...

Yummy...that pesto ham and pea salad looks delicious. May have to give that a try for dinner tonight. Btw...those Amylu's carmelized onion chicken burgers that you mentioned a few weeks back...are AMAZING! Love them. So glad I picked them up and thanks for the recommendation.

Danielle said...

You make food look amazing! I just had my VSG surgery a week ago and life is looking pretty bleak in my purreed world right now( I'm a foodie too!!). I am looking forward to incorporating your recipes into my diet And into my families diet! I think I can even get my kids to eat what you cook!!

Thank you thank you thank you!! What an amazing thing you do sharing all of these details with all of us!!

marisa said...

That looks so good! May have to omit the peas..not a peas fan. But I'm sure I can find a yummy sub! Thanks for the recipe

Anonymous said...

Is there some kind of basil shortage happening? I have been to several markets and they are OUT completely of basil. Even the asian markets here which have the BEST price on basil... are sold out!! :(

Anonymous said...

I love pesto! Love love love love LOVE!

FitBy40 said...

I made this today to take to the mall (we don't eat fast food) and it was fabulous! I left out the ham, I don't eat pork, but it was very tasty and filling. Thanks for sharing!