This morning...

Started the first Monday of the new year out right. I got up early made this super yummy protein shake.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric WLS VSG Gastric Bypass Sleeve Recipes Cooking Food BlogShelly's Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shake

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or Regular Milk)
1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Strawberry)
2-3 Frozen Strawberries (or if using fresh, add 2-3 cubes of ice)

Whiz in blender till smooth. Top with a squirt No Sugar Added Homemade Whipped Cream and drizzle of Sugar Free Chocolate & Strawberry Topping (Smuckers), optional.

I had the morning free so I've started the typical new year organizational projects. I don't know why but every January I feel the need to tear apart every room in the house and reorganize. Right now I have my entire pantry spread all over the counters, checking dates and taking an inventory of what I have too many of...

11 cans of Chickpeas?!

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Healthy Pantry Food ItemsGuess a salad, casserole, chickpea patties and Mmmm roasted chickpeas are in the near future. Anyone up for a hummus party?!

Told you I needed an inventory. My short term memory is crap so I see a sale and think, "Yum chickpeas, I love those." Ha. Yeah I love them but not 11 cans!! Here's the latest shot of my Sugar Free Torani supply...

Weight Loss Surgery Fitness Workout Recipes CookingI made a list of these too. I use them really quick but even I couldn't use 11 of the same flavor. If you haven't tried Sugar Free Torani Syrups this variety pack is a great way to introduce yourself to them. They definitely make my post weight loss surgery life more flavorful.

The garage is to be tackled next but that is a several day errr maybe weeks and many trips (I have a 2-seater car) to the thrift to donate the too good to toss but no room in my world stuff. We have the Christmas stuff up till January 7th, the day after Epiphany/Little Christmas. I'd like to get a few projects done before the mess of dismantling the holidays happens. So that's what was happening in my world this morning. Hope you all have a great first week of 2011.
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