Progresso Souper You Photos

Some of you may remember the Progresso Souper You contest I won back in May. For those new to The World According to Eggface last January I entered an Internet contest sponsored by Progresso Soup on a whim and was informed April-ish that I was one of the 10 finalists. Of those 10 the 3 top vote-getters would receive and all expense paid trip to NYC for 2 - airfare, hotel, transportation, a make-over at the world famous Louis Licari Salon (the one they use in the Today Show makeovers) and a $1000 Saks Fifth Avenue shopping spree.

With A LOT of help from YOU all voting I was voted one of the top 3 winners and went on the makeover trip in May (I took my Mum.) It was such an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so grateful for everyone that voted for me! If you missed the blog entry on all the trip details here's the link. I just received a copy of the pictures (they are using some of them for promotional purposes next year when they run the contest again) and I wanted to share a few of them with you!

Me (BEFORE) getting out of the limo in the AM. This group of tourists came up to me after I got out of the limo and the Progresso camera & video crew stopped shooting to ask me who we were. I told them we were a new all-girl band and that they would be buying our CD in a few months. Seriously, I did. LOL.

The three winners (BEFORE) note the coffee cup in my hand (of course)

Let the primping begin... (My Mum is in the mirror looking on)

The 3 of us (AFTER)...

and my favorite of my Mum and I...

Thank you again for giving me this wonderful gift.

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