My pal Leslie is a weight loss surgery post-op and a certified Zumba instructor. She will tweet from time to time about her Zumba-ing and her enthusiasm for it inspired me. Latin music beats, dancing, throw in some tequila and a cabana boy and we've got a party. Seriously, my only issue... it looked like a lot of steps to learn and I didn't want my first time to be in front of a room full of people. So I bought a Zumba DVD set. I figured I'd mess at home first and if I master this I MIGHT go take a class.

My review... All I can say is holy crap this @#*& makes you sweat. I just did another session and WOW I'm drenched. I haven't done all the DVDs yet it comes with 4 including a basics workout, 20-minute express workout, and sculpt-and-tone workout. You also get these cool weighted toning sticks filled with something that makes them sound like maracas. Bonus: if kept by your bed at night they can double as a weapon you can hurl at intruders.

I did realize I was soooo right to buy the DVD set versus go to a class as I am completely uncoordinated, on occasion the steps got away from me. I had a feeling if you videotaped me and played it back I probably looked like I was having some sort of seizure at times but you know... I was laughing and moving and SWEATING so bottom-line that is what matters. I think after a few rounds I will get the basic and intermediate sort of moves down but some of the hop, step, kick your foot out moves, yeah I almost ended up on my ass on those. In public, with someone next to me I fear for their safety. I might put someone's eye out. I need lots of practice.

So verdict: I had fun! I enjoyed it and that's the key to exercise, if you don't enjoy it, it probably won't happen consistently. It did feel more like dancing than exercising. It'll be perfect on a rainy day when I can't go walking or to change things up a bit from time to time, using a different muscle group helped to break stalls for me. Best part: on average, a 150 lb. person can expect to burn 536 calories during an hour of Zumba. Olé

My PSA on Exercise
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