I heart coffee

Total addict. I loved it before weight loss surgery too so I'm not sure my coffee addiction can be considered a transfer addiction and it's one addiction I am not really trying to give up. A girl can't give up all her vices ;)

A word on caffeine: I'm not sure what the point of decaffeinated coffee is. I do fully leaded sometimes triple leaded (not until after the 1st month post-op per my Dr's orders) If your medical posse says no coffee or no caffeine listen to them.

I love the free wifi at Starbucks and I'd go everyday if I could but a $4 a day latte habit just isn't an option for me. I'm no Suze-what's-her-face but do the math... if you spend $4 a day that's $1400 a Year!? So here's a few options to the coffee addicts like me on a limited budget:

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

1/3 cup Ground Coffee
1 1/2 cups Water
Sugar Free Torani Syrup (on sale now)

Optional: Land o Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream and Smucker's Sugar Free Caramel Topping

Stir together coffee and water. Cover and refrigerate overnight (at least 12 hours.) I put it in one of my blender bottles. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve lined with a coffee filter. Pour the strained coffee over ice, add a few squirts of Sugar Free Torani Syrup, a splash or two of milk (Mmmm Vanilla Soy) and top with Sugar Free Land o Lakes whipped cream & a drizzle of Smucker's Sugar Free Caramel Sauce. Heavenly and cheap.

Frosty Frappes more your thing? Try these yummy knock-offs...

Shelly's Banana Protein Mochacchino (Banana Vivanno Knock-off)

2 cups Vanilla Soy Milk (you can use ANY milk or milk/water combo. I'm a soy girl)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I use SF Vanilla)
1 Banana
1 scoop Click Espresso Protein Powder
1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
3-4 Ice Cubes

Optional: Land o Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream and Smucker's Sugar Free Caramel Topping

Add liquid, then powders, then additions and blend on high. I serve it with a squirt of Land o Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream and a drizzle of Smucker's Sugar Free Caramel Topping. Makes 2.


Shelly's Caramel Mock Macchiato
Shelly's Tiramisu Protein Shake
Shelly's Max Chocolate Mint Mocha Protein Shake


Sometimes I like it hot. So a regular pot of my favorite brew Dunkin Donuts or I break down and pay the $4 for my Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte, no whip, no foam at err Crackbucks I mean Starbuck's.

My WLS Post-op Starbucks Survival Guide

What does your Starbuck's order say about you???

Consult the Starbuck's Oracle.

For a non-liquid coffee fix...

Shelly's Caramel Macchiato Custard
Shelly's Espresso Protein Truffles
Shelly's Tiramisu Protein Ice Cream
Shelly's Coffee Toffee Crunch Protein Ice Cream
Shelly's Mochachinno Almond Protein Ice Cream
Shelly's Espresso Protein Pudding and 5 Minute Espresso Protein Cake


Aims said...


Love your coffee pic, I agree can't and won't ever live w/o it! xox

JoeKnee said...

I've got to testify on the cold brewed coffee! Makes such a great iced coffee drink. You'll feel like a barista!!

JaimeK said...

Hehehe...this cracked me up...

This is what the oracle said to me:

Personality type: Hippie

In addition to being a hippie, you are a hypochondriac and a health nut. You secretly think that your insistence on only consuming all-natural products is because you're so intelligent and well-informed; it's actually because you're a sucker. You've dabbled in Wicca or other pseudo-religions that attract morons and have changed your sexual orientation a few times this year. You probably live in California. Everyone who drinks SOY SUGAR FREE HAZEL NUT VENTI should be forced to eat a McDonald's bacon cheeseburger.

Also drinks: Beverages with lots of marketing that says they're herbal and organic
Can also be found at: Whole Foods, indoor rock climbing facilities

This was a crack up...thanks for putting it in your post! As usual I learn something...no, not the hippie part (not a hippie) but different ideas for making my own coffee. I had never done the math on what I spend drinking crack...er, Starbucks.

Thanks...I think....=]

Susi said...

I would love to be able to try your fav protein powder. They dont sell it here (Fairbanks)and to get it shipped here would cost almost 30.00. I know the post office dont cost that much but the company use ups. Some day I will find a way to get to try it.

meesha said...

You can also buy the sugar-free syrups they use at Starbucks, I am a cinnamon dolce addict. It's even cheaper than Davinci/Torani, at least at the Starbucks I go to. I buy a pound of espresso roast beans (which earns a free tall beverage!) and a bottle of syrup a month and use my cheapo GE espresso machine at home for iced lattes. I haven't gotten hot lattes down pat yet but i'm working on it.

Cynthia said...

We use a cold-brew system for all of our coffee, http://www.toddycafe.com/index.php, and LOVE it. It makes a carafe of cold coffee concentrate that you keep in the fridge; then you can either make a hot cuppa with microwaved water or an iced coffee drink. I combine a few tablespoons of the concentrate with ice, vanilla or chocolate protein powder, and soymilk in my Magic Bullet for a delicious Frappuccino-like protein shake every morning, bc I don't like hot coffee.

Rettakat said...

Thank you so much for your creative recipes! I didn't have wls...insurance wouldn't pay, but I still LOVE your recipes.

A couple of days ago it got cool enough to fire up the oven, and for the first time I made your muffin bites...wow! For hubby's lunches I made them with his favorites, jalapeno jack cheese and spicy sausage. He liked them, and he is picky.

Note to self: don't use little paper liners in mini muffin tins...ack! They take forever to peel off of the muffins, and take off muffin with them.

Thanks again,

Diane said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I have been wanting to make a simple coffee drink that is delish and NOT almost $5...nor requiring me to clean my cappuccino maker every time I use it(pain in the you-know-what). Guess what is in my fridge right now!

Thanks from one coffee junkie to another!

PoetsSpirit said...

mmmm! am a caffeine fiend! some things i just can't live without. coffee and tequila! please don't tell my surgeon!

Meg said...

Honey, you need a french press!!!Then you won't have to mess with straining through a sieve.

I didn't care much for coffee BS. (Before Surgery.) I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, so I was spoiled by GOOD coffee. Here in the midwest it's harder to find. NOW, though, I can't live without it. I first started drinking it about four weeks ago (only FOUR weeks???) to help with constipation, and it worked great at first. But now that I'm drinking two 12 oz mugs a day (if not three)it doesn't work so well. The coffee addiction is here to stay, though!!

Take care, love!!

glucoholic said...

That sugar free caramel syrup is something else. Any excuse to use it sounds good to me. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Just tried the Vivanno knock off,and I think it's better than the one at Starbucks! Plus the one at Starbucks gave me a tummy ache and cost $4 or something! lol
Thanks for sharing this!