WLS Twibe

So some of you know (Hi tweeps) we have a Weight Loss Surgery Twibe. All surgery types, all stages, pre-ops, post-ops, & everyone in between.

A Twibe is basically a place where people with common interests (who are using Twitter) can find each other. Explained in depth here. Twitter is a cool, fun social networking medium (think Facebook-ish but waaaay better) but unless you combine it with Twibes it's just you talking to cyber space. A Twibe is like a cyber party of your similar interest pals, a place to meet up and learn about each other. There are Twibes for everything you can imagine... check it out.

The creator of Twibes, Adam Loving (@twibes) did a phone interview with me the other day. He's super cool and what he's created is really awesome. Here's the interview...

Michelle Vicari (@eggface) is the founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Twitter group and blogs delicious recipes at The World According to Eggface. Through sharing her story and passion, she’s grown a fantastic Twibe, it has increased by 30 members just in the week since we spoke.

Michelle Weight Loss Surgery Twitter Group from Adam Loving on Vimeo.


Yeah that's me... all NY meets Valley Girl ;) So if you are on Twitter be sure to join the WLS Twibe.