Pizza by the Slice

Some of my latest Tortilla Pizza creations...

Pepperoni & Ricotta Tortilla Pizza w/ Mushrooms

Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with pesto, provolone, ricotta, sauteed mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian seasoning and liberal snowfall of parmesan

Pepperoni & Ricotta Tortilla Pizza (Fungus Free Version)

Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with pesto, provolone, ricotta, pepperoni, Italian seasoning and parmesan

Here's a great use for leftover steak...

Philly Cheese Steak Tortilla Pizza

Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla topped with pesto, provolone, leftover sliced BBQ'd steak, sauteed mushrooms (topped the steak the night before), Italian seasoning and parmesan.

Some FAQ's:

How much is a serving?

The answer is: serving size can vary. What I eat as a 21 month post-op is a very different amount than a 3 month, 6 month, or 4 year post-op.

For me if the toppings are protein dense like the Philly Cheese Steak Tortilla Pizza above or Meatball or Chicken then I eat 2 wedges and call it a day. If they are lighter just cheeses or pepperoni. I can eat the whole pizza but remember these are 6" fajita size tortilla (not typical size tortillas.) If it's lighter toppings and I'm having a scoop of bean salad or a green salad with it I eat 2 wedges.

My standard line is go with what your medical posse recommends.

What's the nutritional value on (insert Eggface recipe)?

I don't put the nutritional info on my recipes because frankly that can vary so widely. I use full fat cheeses (the good stuff) others may use low fat or (horror) non fat, the % fat on beef, differences in packaged products, etc. will change the info dramatically.

What I do when I need to find the nut info is go to type in each individual ingredient, add up those totals and divide by the # of servings I get from the dish. It's not exact but it's close enough for me. I understand sparkpeople and some other sites will give you nut info too but I've not used them.

Where do you get the Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortillas?

I get mine at Albertson's, Vons, Winco. If you don't have those stores near you the Mission Tortilla web site has a product locator:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this information. It really helps and keeps us educated. You are a blessing to all that read your posts and come in contact with you.

Lindsey said...

Have you thought of putting together a cookbook? I sure would be first in line to get one! Also, how do you satisfy your sweet tooth? I am turning to "not so good" things and would love a post to steer me in the right direction! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle...

I am 3.5 months out and I use your recipes all the time... You can COOK, girl!! =)

I am wondering if you would be open to finding someone to do the nutritional counts on the recipes just as you make them, in those amounts, and posting them? Seems like many of us, individually, are putting things into at the same time, mulitplying efforts.

Perhaps we could volunteer to get the numbers from fitday and send to you ad hoc, and you could post under each recipe??

Just thoughts to make your blog the very BEST WLS blog in the WORLD... !!

It would be great to get together for a chat sometime, but my Boston address and your CA address don't make that a reality...

You are a real blessing and positive light on the 'net...


Michelle said...

Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy them.

Hey Lindsey, I make a batch of SF Browne Bites or Breakfast Bars (recipes in the blog) or my favorite are my Crumbles. Here's a link to one:

If I just need a quick fix though a sliced apple or Newman's Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps and a smear of Justin's Maple Almond Butter does the trick.


Hey Wendy,

Hey Boston is my second favorite city in the world. I love the T and all the neighborhoods. I need to go back for a visit one of these days LOL when my vacations don't include getting body parts lopped off. So we will have a coffee date in the future for sure.

You know the only thing with the nut info is that those ingredient changes make such a huge difference in the numbers. You guys know I'm a full fat (FF) girl (cheeses, yogurts, sour cream, etc.) it's ok in my plan but some nuts/Dr. would have a fit and want you to use RF or Fat Free.

I figure I'd leave it up to you guys to adjust as needed based on your medical posse's plan. The ideas are sometimes all people really need... like the tortilla pizzas. Once you have the idea you guys let it rip and come up with killer combos. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the FAQs - I am a bit over 2 months out and I can only eat 1/4 of the pizzas, but my husband likes them and will always eat the rest for a snack!

I appreciate your comfort food approach - all the things that I loved pre-op too - I just wish you could figure out how to make WLS friendly mac and cheese! I did find a receipe using tofu instead of pasta, but it just isn't the same.....

thanks again!