Heads up: Breakfast for a Buck

Till the end of the month you can try Jamba Juice's Steel Cut Oatmeal for $1 (coupon link below)

You have a choice of three flavors all topped with an optional brown sugar crumble.

The three flavors:

Fresh Banana
Apple Cinnamon

Two of the toppings are compotes (sort of like pie filling) and I'm figuring there's some sugar in the process of making them so I'd steer clear of those two if you dump easily. I'd either order the oatmeal on its own or the fresh banana version.

I chose the Fresh Banana and asked for it without the Brown Sugar Crumble.

Wow. There was almost a whole sliced banana on top of at least a cup of really yummy oatmeal (made with soy milk yay!) The oats were nutty and chewy like steel cut oats should be. It was definitely better than the quickie packet of Quaker-ish Oatmeal I get at Starbuck's (although I do get that often out of convenience.)

Verdict: Now my Banana Walnut Oatmeal I made the other morning kicks this oatmeal's ass big time (everything homemade does) but... this is a very tasty on-the-road breakfast option that will stay with you all morning. I might even have them add a scoop of protein next time. I'd get it more often if my local Jamba Juice was conveniently located. Mine is all the way across town but hey for a buck I took the drive.

*Here's the link to the coupon so you can see for yourself. Remember its only good till March 31st (regular price $2.95) Oh and my Jamba Juice only serves Oatmeal till 11AM not sure if all are the same but I'm guessing they are. Side note: not sure if the location is still open but the Jamba Juice at 474 N Rodeo Drive was a great place to spot celebrities. Last time I was there I saw the Buffy the Vampire Slayer chick Sarah Michelle Gellar and comedienne Tracey Ullman.